Shop Simi Valley at Taxpayers’ Expense

Here’s an issue I think about a lot, and it looks like I got a little support on the topic from Brian Dennert this evening.

How can the city possibly justify an annual budget of $100,000 on a campaign to remind local shoppers to keep their buying within city limits especially considering the impact its had on the business community so far. Is this really a genuine effort?

The video provides a little more detail into what I’m referring to and is a solid reason for you to make sure you find your way to the voting booths on November 4th.

1 thought on “Shop Simi Valley at Taxpayers’ Expense

  1. I’ve heard of the “Shop Simi First” campaign and think it’s a good call for long-term 7.25% sale tax revenue.
    (BIG IF, ad funds are managed CORRECTLY)

    Sale taxes and property tax is the cash cow that funds Simi’s multi-million city services.
    (i.e. fire,police, and medical)

    These are needed services in bad financial times and year-round fire seasons.

    $100,000 for “Shop Simi” marketing is nothing compare to extra sale tax cash.

    The video does raise a good question about how the marketing funds have been used, when most shopper/business don’t know about the 2-year+ campaign.

    Maybe the $100,000 has been spent on a small sign on the 118 freeway and on a website no one visits or needs to ever go to. And the rest of the money used on a marketing team, web designer, and people to put up the freeway sign.

    I’m sure higher gas prices, better businesses, and more public space hangouts for shoppers are the drivers to shop local rather than a small shop simi first ad and a worthless website.

    I’m also sure the city can gather volunteers to get the message out; all for nothing.


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