Barbra on Campaign Signs

You can’t say Barbra Williamson isn’t a straight shooter. I’m trying to put together a quality presentation here, but I promised some video so here’s a quick snippet of my visit with Ms. Williamson!

As always, a huge thanks to Brian Dennert for linking back to me and giving me some viewers.

Late last night, I finished editing my Barbra Williamson footage and will have another video posted this evening!

Vote Barbra!

Last night, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Barbra Williamson and her family, friends and supporters.  They are truly a dynamic group of people and it was a real pleasure.  Barbra’s entire family is very friendly not to mention engaging and passionate about the issues.  I have zero doubt that my vote for Barbra Williamson for Simi Valley City Council is the right one.

I’m often asked what my purpose and goal is with this website.  The answer is simple: to inform the community of issues they may not be fully aware of.  Interestingly, this process has allowed me to educate myself as well and change my opinion on high profile matters.  For instance, a conversation I had last night with Barbra Williamson and her friends completely turned me around on the Waste Management Landfill Expansion plan.  That conversation, along with hours of obsessive reading afterward, opened my eyes.

My point?  If our elected officials can’t sit down and have a drink with the people they represent every now and then, we’ll never fully understand the issues or the reasons for their positions.  Sure, they can’t sit down with everyone… but if they sit down with someone like me, the word will spread.  We really need more people like Barbra Williamson!

New video is cookin’!  Stay tuned!

Shameless Gossip and an Appearance

I just read this:

The sign ordinance favors incumbents because no business owner wants to show he or she is partial to a challenger because it isn’t good business – and at least one of the incumbents throws major canniption (sic) fits.

Could someone please email me and let me know who throws the fits please?

Barbra Supporters

Barbra Williamson supporters will be gathered at the corner of Simi Town Center Way and Erringer this evening and I plan to be there with my camera.  Check back soon for video highlights.

Forums for Council and Mayor

I keep getting emails requesting videos on the forums at Council Chambers for Mayor and City Council.  I’m struggling a bit with my footage.  Evidently, my microphone was damaged and my sound quality is awful.  I have applied several enhancement filters to the sound track, few of which have been particularly effective.

I’ll keep trying and I’ll publish something as soon as I can.  Thanks for your interest!