Regarding the Simi Chamber…

Yes, I’m miffed that I don’t get to bring my camera crew pals with me to the Candidates Forum sponsored by the Chamber next week.  But as Barbra Williamson pointed out:

The Chamber of Commerce is not in the “citizen” business.

She’s right.  It’s easy to forget (because I do it all the time) that the Chamber is a business like any other.  This concept slips my mind due to my past participation in the organization as a volunteer.  Further, this point was made by a reader/commenter on Brian Dennert’s Ventura County Star Page:

They are always begging the City Council for taxpayer money for special projects. Now, when they have the opportunity to give something back to the community, they try to discourage citizen participation.

I think that best describes my level of surprise yesterday.  However, there will be plenty of opportunities for me to complete my project and my personal mission to bring local issues closer to Simi Valley voters.  I’m not as discouraged today!

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