Mayor Miller borrows from Senator McCain

Simi Valley Mayor Paul Miller “borrowed” Senator McCain’s frequently used statement in an article at the Acorn on Friday.  A quote from the article…

With unsure economic times ahead for the city, Miller said, his experience is a necessary asset. He said Simi Valley doesn’t have time for a mayor to get “on-the-job training.”

That’s a somewhat unusual move considering McCain is trailing in the polls, though perhaps it’s a safe one considering the predominantly Republican Simi Valley community.  I’m actually quite delighted to see comments like this in the paper.  It’s really the first time in recent history that I’ve seen anyone show they’re even slightly threatened.  It’s like real, grown-up politics.

I’d love for the Mayor to spell out what potential economic challenges we might face and how his experience will help us through such situations, or how a lack of experience would be detrimental in such situations.  Further, I’d be curious to know when it’s okay or safe for someone who’s never been the Mayor to be elected to the position.  Was he just lucky?  Was the timing right?

These questions and more will remain unanswered in the pay-for-entry moderated “candidates forum” at the Lost Hills Golf Club this Wednesday.  Bummer.

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