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Last night, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Barbra Williamson and her family, friends and supporters.  They are truly a dynamic group of people and it was a real pleasure.  Barbra’s entire family is very friendly not to mention engaging and passionate about the issues.  I have zero doubt that my vote for Barbra Williamson for Simi Valley City Council is the right one.

I’m often asked what my purpose and goal is with this website.  The answer is simple: to inform the community of issues they may not be fully aware of.  Interestingly, this process has allowed me to educate myself as well and change my opinion on high profile matters.  For instance, a conversation I had last night with Barbra Williamson and her friends completely turned me around on the Waste Management Landfill Expansion plan.  That conversation, along with hours of obsessive reading afterward, opened my eyes.

My point?  If our elected officials can’t sit down and have a drink with the people they represent every now and then, we’ll never fully understand the issues or the reasons for their positions.  Sure, they can’t sit down with everyone… but if they sit down with someone like me, the word will spread.  We really need more people like Barbra Williamson!

New video is cookin’!  Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Vote Barbra!

  1. I am NOT voting for Barbra. It’s time for real CHANGE in Simi Valley — just like we need in the national scene with Obama. We need to do whatever we can to make Simi Valley better for residents and our children and wrest control away from the conservative incumbents who are pro-developer, too pro-business, and pro-congestion.

    I do NOT want incumbents back in as Mayor and City Council because they are the ones who have rallied against the Ventura County building controls on the hills and permitted the ghastly congestion and development that has screwed up the whole valley and hurt our residential neighborhoods and traffic. NO on Paul Miller for mayor and NO on Sojka and Willamson for council. Totally against the waste landfill expansion. What kind of people would support that horrible project in the midst of our community and homes? Certainly none that I would re-elect.

    For the Simi School District, I looked for folks who are AGAINST VOUCHERS(a republican strategy to rob the public school system and promote their anti-science conservative school agendas) and pro technology and are in favor of open education and democracy platforms.

    Here’s who I’m voting for:

    Mayor: Bruce Witkin: Democrat. “I am sensitive to our city’s youth and the need to focus on those at risk.” He is concerned about growth.

    City Council:
    Michael Thomas Judge: “I am concerned about development. I think the council has gone a little too far. They are making it into a Chatsworth west.”

    Richard Paul Carter: “There’s a concern about the way Simi is growing, and there is a problem with traffic and congestion.” He wants to see a slowdown on building and construction of shopping malls.

    See more descriptions at:

    Simi School District:

    Brad Jashinsky – “We need new technology. Schools are archaic and look like something out of the 1950’s or 1960’s.” Brad spoke about schools using webgrades ( which some schools do ) and posting homework online ( which some schools do ) as a way of connecting schools and families. He is a strong supporter of protecting and expanding programs at Santa Su High School.

    Debbie Sandland – She takes many trips to see firsthand the many schools in the area. She is strongly against vouchers.

    Rob Collins — Because he’s a teacher. Ron said he has the experience we need and this is no time for on the job training. Really against vouchers.

    For more info, see this:


  2. My comment is for “Lee”…
    Sorry you feel that way about my voting record. Is there any particular issue you have with me, or is it just throw the rascals out?


  3. Thank you for asking. My major concern with Barbra is that she’s been on the board there for 12 years I believe, and from what I’ve read, she is very much in support of the incumbents. I am a long term resident since 1970 (although I moved away for a few years — I’ve always returned and spent most of my time and family connections here.) I am quite upset concerning the directions that Simi Valley has been led.

    Just this morning, I was driving into Simi from the SF Valley over 118. And what am I greeted with? Instead of the beautiful view of Simi from the crest of the mountain ridge… Instead, I see trash, garbage, torn screen doors, and trucks parked right up against a wire mesh fence against the freeway on the south side by some bum property / business owner. Who the heck permitted such ghastly perversion of our hillsides? Perhaps the same incumbents who permitted the building of the McDonalds that dominates one freeway exit, the carving up of Smiley Hill, and other sites.

    Why don’t you politicians support the Ventura County Building Regulations that prevented such atrocities? What is wrong with regulation? Nothing. Just something the conservatives slam against with the icy tone “liberal” — well that’s pure baloney. Liberal, regulation, bettering our society — these are causes and things that we should be proud of in the spirit of JFK, Woodrow Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman, etc.

    I don’t give a frick about the property owners, developers, and businesses who want to muck up our valley’s hills and views. I do care about what’s best for the spirit and feeling of this proud valley and the residents who live here and call it home.

    Put in more regulations to protect us. Fight off the Waste Management expansion, fight off congestion on our freeways and streets, pollution, crime, and more. Why do I see shopping carts left on our streets and neighborhoods? What happened to making our valley beautiful?

    We need democrat politicians who are in it for the people — for us. And to me, that sure sounds like something different than the incumbents.


  4. Gee Lee,
    I am the onlyCouncilmember out there fighting Waste Management and the only Council member who voted against Smiley I don’t get your statement.sorry


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