Williamson Campaign Contributions

The Ventura County Star has raised questions about Barbra Williamson’s campaign financing, specifically about $8000 in contributions.  Read the article and let me know your thoughts.

It’s easy for me to be biased as a big Barbra Williamson supporter.  What are your thoughts on the matter?  Does this change your vote?  Suppose a discrepancy is found and the money is returned to the contributor?  Would that make a difference.

1 thought on “Williamson Campaign Contributions

  1. Frankly, I’m always a bit suspect of the ‘not so nice’ news articles that appear in the news media right before an election… At the beginning of a campaign season, everyone vows to run a ‘clean campaign’ but as one side starts losing in the polls, the mud-slinging always starts… So I’m not that surprised about the Ventura Star article… More campaign contributions send the message (at least to me) that the candidate is out and about, meeting people, showing their willingness to discuss matters and actually do something… The ‘proof of the pudding’ is the voting record which you have in regards to incumbents – not challengers… I’d be more concerned if that article was about one of the challengers to the council seats…

    As for Happy Face Hill, what a mess the developers have made of our community’s ‘first impression’ to visitors… And total lack of respect to the citizens of our city – it’s what all of us look for and cause an inward smile that triggers the “I’m home” warm, fuzzy feeling inside…

    I’m SICK of developers – were this my city to run, I’d force every developer interested in our community to run a renovation project in parallel (in scope and financial investment) to any development project they wanted to start here in Simi Valley…

    Every resident knows Simi Valley stands for “valley of the winds” in Chumash and there’s not ONE wind energy generation source here! You have to drive out to Vegas to see other communities harnessing the power of natural wind resources to generate energy and here we sit in our valley, refusing to do this and fighting ugly muglies who want to triple the size of the landfill as a dumping ground for Los Angeles’ trash… I find it amazing the ridges of our valley aren’t lined with energy-generation wind machines, but the citizens aren’t up in arms about that, nor fighting developers who consistently rape our hillsides and stop in the middle of their projects when the going gets tough…

    I can’t be the ONLY one that loves Happy Face Hill or the beauty of our hillsides and valley, right?????


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