The Simi Show

If you’ve seen any of my videos, you may think of me as overly sarcastic.  The fact is, I am truly passionate about the City of Simi Valley and related matters.  I’ve been critical of city programs like Shop Simi Valley First, a fact that City Councilmember Steve Sojka approached me on, challenged my position, and agreed to sit down and discuss the program in greater detail.  I plan to take him up on that, but back to the point… Despite some moderate criticisms, I truly love living in Simi Valley.

Just due to the satisfaction and joy of participating in the community related videos for the purposes of, I’ve decided to carry on that process in a broader format.  I want to continue talking to the people of Simi Valley, while promoting the city and the businesses and organizations within.  I’m pleased with the terrific response I’ve received and I think we’d all benefit from more.

I’m pleased to introduce the production of an internet based video show called The Simi Show.  Known as a “podcast,” the show will be distributed online, allowing you to subscribe to the show via Apple iTunes and watch on your portable video device (like an iPod, iPhone or Zune) or on a set top television box such as Apple TV.  I know, pretty geeky, techy stuff… Fortunately, you’ll also be able to watch the program in the very same browser you’re using to read this page, much like YouTube, making the show easily accessible to people of all technical skill levels.  I’m open to any additional distribution methods should anyone have any they would like to recommend.

Check back often for more information about The Simi Show, or click here to see a summary description and some preliminary ad artwork.

And thanks so much for your participation and for inspiring this new project!

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