Incumbents Take It

With numbers leaving little doubt, the incumbents in the major Simi Valley elections score a victory, but not without first proving that some candidates made a very worthy first shot and what will no doubt become a political future for some.

Simi Valley Mayor

Paul Miller is our mayor again, with 78.66% of the vote.  Bruce Witkin comes second with 13.29%, with Ed Lang bringing in just over 7%.

Simi Valley City Council

Barbra Williamson and Steve Sojka get to keep their jobs as City Councilmembers, earning 29.02% and 35.77% of the votes respectively.  Mike Judge pulled in impressive numbers with 17.21%.  Something tells me we’ll be seeing more of him…

Simi Valley School Board

Debbie Sandland earned 22.92%, Janice DiFatta took 18.21% and Rob Collins took 23.95% of the vote for Simi Valley Board of Education, making the incuments the victors in this election as well.  Ray Cruz came close with over 15%, rounding out the totals with over 10% to Eric Smith and just over 8% to Brad Jashinsky.  I firmly believed both would make good candidates, but I don’t think enough people got a chance to see or hear more of them.

Congratulations to all!

2 thoughts on “Incumbents Take It

  1. Hello Mike.

    I would first like to thank everyone who voted for me.

    I am not giving up and I will be back I am determined to keep our Police Department non-political and to save our city the One-Million+ dollars that we waste on overtime every year because of this current council’s inaction.

    We still need to stop all of the Idiotic over development in our city.

    Mike thank you for the support and the stories please keep up the good work.


  2. Just wanted you to know that you got my vote, Mr. Judge. And I was a first time voter as a new citizen. I hope you won’t give up during the next elections. There is so much work to be done and I hope you will try again. Regards.


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