School Board Disappointment

I have to admit some level of disappointment with the election results, specifically related to the School Board. From the teachers’ standpoint, apparently status quo is preferred. However, from the standpoint of a parent with school age kids, I’m not satisfied.

I can’t pretend to know all the details, but my understanding is that housing developers are required to contribute funding to the school district when large housing developments are built out. The school district can then decide whether to put that toward building another school or increasing an existing school’s capacity. Judging by all the temporary classrooms assembled on the basketball court at Atherwood Elementary, our school district opts to take the money over building another school.

I found Brad Jashinsky’s comments about the C4 Bond spending compelling. Evidently, I was the only one. I firmly believe the results of the election, specifically regarding the school board, were because of the voting public’s lack of knowledge on the issues.

Am I the only one who’s disappointed?

2 thoughts on “School Board Disappointment

  1. Brad was a compelling candidate and I was seriously thinking of supporting him until I found out he didn’t pay for a ballot statement. After that I realized it was likely going to be the status quo that was going to carry the day.

    It usually takes money to communicate a message. If Brad comes back in a few years with a better campaign plan I will give his candidacy serious thought.

    You should encourage him to apply for the bond oversight committee with you.


  2. ..And before anyone tells me that he didn’t have the money so that is an unfair criticism were you ever asked to attend a fundraiser for him?

    A campaign plan includes getting volunteers on board to help raise the resources needed to get your message out there.

    Anyways, like I said, if he comes back with a decent campaign plan I will give his candidacy serious thought.


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