Simi Landfill – Should they Expand?

A couple months ago, I published a video indicating that I was not necessarily against any efforts to expand the landfill. If Waste Management owns the land, and the EPA regulates how waste is processed and stored, ensuring public safety, then why can’t they do what they want to do?

Of course, several individuals, including members of City Council, saw the video and commented that I was uninformed. To clarify, here was my position:

  1. It’s safe – though decomposing trash does produce methane which is considered a greenhouse gas, it’s an energy gas and the EPA requires that it be captured and used to produce electrical energy.
  2. WM owns the land, so who are we to tell them what they can and cannot do?
  3. WM operates the landfill in Simi Valley, so any increase in revenue must benefit the city in some way.

To my surprise, Barbra Williamson put out a mailer shortly before the election stating her strong position AGAINST the expansion of the Simi Valley landfill (a screen capture of the mailer is below). My initial thoughts: “Really? What am I missing?”

Lately, I’ve been wondering if I’m over-simplifying the whole thing. To my delight, however, I received a voice mail from Waste Management this morning offering to talk to me about the expansion program and allow me to tour the facility. I haven’t returned the call yet, but I intend to take them up on the offer. I can’t imagine they have much to hide if they’re calling me directly to check it out for myself. Plus, I find the whole industry fascinating, so I’m very eager to check it out.

I’ll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, I hope you’ll share your thoughts on the matter.

UPDATE: I have a landfill tour scheduled this month.

Williamson Anti Expansion Brochure

Williamson Anti Expansion Brochure

4 thoughts on “Simi Landfill – Should they Expand?

  1. Mike, I hope you and Barbra contine to keep a spotlight on Waste Management. I live in Camarillo but even I know something doesn’t add up and there needs to be total transparency on this issue.


  2. Mike,The landfill isn’t going anywhere.  I do oppose the expansion for several reasons, one being that aged old questions, why should the City of Simi Valley take in garbage from San Fernando,San Bernando and points beyond.  Have you seen the EIR questions that the Task Force submitted to the County?  There are a lot of questions still needing to be addressed.The County of Ventura will benefit most from this expansion, the 3 million dollars a year they get from WM goes directly to their General Fund…if this expansion is approved, it could double to $6 Million so you can understand why they will probably support this decision. The City of Simi Valley currently gets $260,000.   In your comments you make the statement, WM owns the land so who are we to tell them what they can and cannot do? Gee, what if they want to start a tire burning plant, or a manure processing plant? The bigger question is why do you want Irvine, San Diego, San Bernando’s garbage? It makes NO sense. These other cities are closing their dumps to bring their trash here.
    The response to my mailer “Something Stinks” has been a big hit. My poll on the website is running 10 to 1 in opposition. The only support votes are coming from Texas and Chicago….gee, can’t imagine who’s headquarters are there.
    Don’t be a pushover on the PR job that Waste will put on when you go for the tour. I’ve been on the bus ride, and I am telling you they are going to make it sound really rosey….


  3. Hi Barbra,

    If they planned to use their land as a tire burning plant, then sure… more people, including me, would have an issue. But they’re not.

    We had this discussion that evening and I think it’s probably clear to you that I don’t know everything I need to know to take a formal position. But I can promise you that I’ll take the tour and listen with objectivity. I’ll run it all past you as well. I’m hoping to put together a video on this.


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