C4 Bond Oversight Committee

Big thanks to Brian Dennert for posting an article about the call for committee members for the C4 Bond Oversight Committee.  I applied.

I found that one of the compelling statements made in the forum for school board candidates this election was in reference to C4 Bond spending.  Challengers said, “bad job” while incumbents said “not really.”  And while the debate is certainly much more intense than that, either time contraints or a pre-conceived questions ultimately left any details on either side up to the imagination.

I have school age children and this really means something to me.  I recently read a public posting from an unnamed School District employee urging parents to donate $100 per family for much needed funding — and this was recently.  It made me think of the C4 Bond issue.  Where is that money going?

So… I applied as a member of the committee.  We’ll see how that goes.

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