Moorpark Does it Right

Councilmember Janice Parvin of the Moorpark City Council is now the city’s new mayor.  Of course, this opens a vacancy on the Moorpark City Council.  In the city of Simi Valley, our council would appoint someone to the vacant position, which is what was done when Michelle Foster filled the vacant position left by Paul Miller when he was sworn in as mayor.

I like Michelle Foster a lot, but I didn’t vote for her (well, eventually I did… but not then).  It almost seems undemocratic to elect some members of city council and not others.  Further, I believe Steve Sojka was also appointed when Bill Davis was elected mayor years ago.  Again, I’ve since voted for Sojka many times, but it wasn’t the voters who positioned him as the incumbent on every election since his appointment.

Here’s an article from the Acorn on Moorpark’s handling of the vacant council position:

Eighteen local residents submitted applications to fill a shortterm vacancy on the Moorpark City Council. The deadline to apply was last week. City officials will interview the candidates at a special meeting next Wednesday and select one on Dec. 17.

The interim appointee will replace Councilmember Janice Parvin, who was sworn in as the city’s new mayor on Wednesday, until voters elect a new person to complete her Council term on June 2.

Read more here…

I think that’s a solid, democratic way of handling it, even if a special election (which can be costly) is in order.

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