Candlelight Nightclub and Campaign Reform

An email from Brad Jashinsky, former candidate for Simi Valley School Board, to Brian Dennert sparked my interest in this story. According to Brad, Candlelight Nightclub in Simi Valley is the source of drunk drivers that have a bad habit of destroying property in nearby neighborhoods. This is the partial story according to Brad:

At 2am on Saturday November 29th I heard a loud explosive noise, and ran outside to see what had happened. I came out to see my sister’s car in the condition above with the obvious drunk driver getting away up the street.

Brad emailed me and told me he planned to be at the City Council meeting tonight to speak about the issue. I strapped on my video camera and made my way to council chambers to record the issue. More to come on this issue… That video is being edited as we speak!

Campaign Reform was another topic touched on this evening. Here’s a brief video of Steve Sojka who brought up the subject. Apparently, the Council will cover the topic of campaign reform and address the recent issues about campaign financing over the course of multiple sessions. Meanwhile, please watch the video and share your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Candlelight Nightclub and Campaign Reform

  1. I’ve personally never heard of candlelight night club. interesting video though. I just don’t see a need for strict campaign finance regulations anyway for local government.


  2. The campaign finance regulations are in place to ensure a level playing field. The example he used of Texas based businesses not having an interest in Simi Valley politics was a good example.

    RE “Not Sojka,” I think Mr. Sojka was trying to clear the air, not suggest bad relations.


  3. That same Texas business man tried to influence elections here in West County. He gave $7K to two county school board candidates – both of whom lost. Now, why is he involved with the school board? Dean Kunicki is also on the school board – is that the common denominator?


  4. This is about as slick as it gets. Unless you live in this area – which I do – you have no idea what trouble this bar has caused the residents. Fights – loud music – cars squeeling around the corners at 2 a.m. – our quiet neighborhood has changed completely with the opening of this place. I say shut it down and demo the place.


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