Campaign Finance Excitement

Just to be clear, here are my thoughts on the Simi Valley City Council Campaign Finance questions that have come to light recently.  When asked, I’ll usually quickly answer that the best way to bring any questions to a close regarding contributions is to return the money and be done with it.  That’s not happening in the case of Barbra Williamson, where both the Ventura County Star and now the Simi Valley Acorn have reported questions regarding her campaign disclosures.  Returning the money without a ruling on whether or not the contributions are acceptable might suggest a guilty conscience which I’m pretty sure Ms. Williamson does not have.  I know when this first came out, she was pretty adamant that she had done nothing wrong and disclosed quite clearly what she accepted.  In short, she shouldn’t really be expected to return the contributions unless it’s officially confirmed that she can’t.  She’s indicated that she believes they are on the up and up, so the ball is now in the city attorney’s court.

Having said all of that, take a look at the contributions yourself to get a better feel for what everyone is talking about.

Steve Sojka (ending 9/30/08)
Steve Sojka (ending 10/18/08)
Steve Sojka (after 10/19/08)
Steve Sojka (expenditures over $1000 after 10/19/08)

Barbra Williamson (ending 9/30/08)
Barbra Williamson (ending 10/18/08)
Barbra Williamson (after 10/19/08)
Barbra Williamson (expenditures over $1000 after 10/19/08)

Paul Miller (ending 9/30/08)
Paul Miller (ending 10/18/08)
Paul Miller (after 10/19/08)

Check back soon.  I’m compiling a couple of videos, one of which is directly related to this issue.  There are some interesting ideas out there on how best to handle the question of campaign finance reform.

2 thoughts on “Campaign Finance Excitement

  1. Thanks Mike – you provided a valuable service. Saperstein was also making donations to west County candidates. I’ll copy you on the statements when I get them.


  2. I looked at all the statements and developers are contributing to all the candidates. Is growth a problem over in Simi? Do developers control the town? Don’t know – maybe some of your residents do.


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