Williamson’s Finance Proposal

Although I definitely had a hard time recovering what ultimately became VERY corrupted video files, I did manage to capture what I found to be a fascinating proposal by Barbra Williamson on campaign finance reform.

Barbra has an idea and I think it’s a good one. This is a democracy, after all. Is there any reason you can think of that would make this difficult, or any reason why this proposal should be denied?

Excuse the out of sync audio… It was the best I could do after recovering the files…

2 thoughts on “Williamson’s Finance Proposal

  1. I don’t see how a blue ribbon committee brings any value because there is the state law – which trumps local law and federal law – which trumps state law. The best leveling is education and that isn’t happening in many of the elections. Who is providing the money and why? Who is lying? Who is covering up? Barbra has the right idea but what would be better was more investigative reporting by the local papers. What occurred in the last election (not necessarily the Simi City Council) was appalling.


  2. Persoanally Katie, I don’t think there should be any campaign limits. I beleive that government should require all candidates to report how much money they received and from whom. It should be reported and the bank statement should accompany the reporting statement. Then let the the voter decide if in fact they want to vote for that person. Putting limits on campaigns and making more laws only invites the candidate to find creative loop holes to avoid the law. However, if we are so intent on campaign finance reform I suggest we limit the amount that can be spent, this way we insure that a person of wealth can’t buy their seat and everyone is on a level playing field.


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