Saperstein Donates – Wants Commercial Rezoning

David Saperstein donated some dollars to the Miller and Sojka campaigns this election cycle. Of course, these were considered “bundled” donations, meaning they exceeded campaign donation limits but were donated under the names of multiple family members, each at the maximum donation rate. Dean Kunicki, consultant for Saperstein, also donated $500 each. For details, see this article on financial filings.

Both Miller and Sojka returned the funds after they were re-elected indicating that it would be inappropriate considering Saperstein has a project scheduled to come before the council. Project? What project?

Saperstein’s Hummingbird Nest Ranch, purchased and designed for his now ex-wife, may become a 5 star resort and spa… at least, that’s what Saperstein is hoping for. Dean Kunicki is the consultant who was hired to lead this project. Originally, after Saperstein and his wife divorced, he was hoping to sell the property. However, no offers have been made so the next move is to transform it into a profitable venture.

Yeah… I guess I can see how he’d want some friends in the city for this. And I’m sorry to those who might be against such a project, but it’s going to happen. The Sapersteins and their property are beloved by the Simi Valley highers-up. I can recall its opening several years ago when it became the venue for several of Simi’s long standing and newer events. I remember being bussed to the property to stand in a booth for my Rotary club a few years ago. People are delighted to have Hummingbird Nest Ranch in town and having it transform into a 5-star resort will be like a feather in the city’s cap. It’ll happen. Mark my words!

Kunicki said the resort would include a health spa with tennis complex, a sports facility and a corporate conference area. There would be individual “casitas” — private homes with courtyards, Kunicki said.
– Ventura County Star

You can read more about it here.

I just watched Fletch, the hit 80’s film starring Chevy Chase which includes a classic scene where Fletch enjoys an expensive afternoon at a 5-star resort by charging the account of the Underhill’s, the grumpy guests sitting at the table beside him. I really hope the Underhill’s rent a home at Hummingbird Nest Ranch. I propose we all meet up there, enjoy a late brunch and some champagne and charge it all to the Underhill’s account.

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