Writers Wanted – New Community Website

I’ve been working for several months now on a web project for the community. It’s a social network of sorts, but the staple content revolves around blogs that focus on Simi Valley. I’m looking for interested writers for the following Simi Valley related blogs:

* Restaurant/Entertainment Blog – Rate, review and discuss Simi Valley’s dining options and entertainment venues
* Fitness Blog – How best to stay fit and in shape in Simi Valley
* Neighborhood Blog – Meet your Simi Valley neighbors, a blog about stars in the community
* Business Blog – The ins and outs of doing business in Simi Valley

Of course, we’ll defer to Brian Dennert for those interested in reading about local government!

This website will be free for everyone who joins, and ANYONE who joins is free to create and publish their own blog. Each member blog is hosted free and uses the powerful WordPress blogging engine, a professional level tool that is easy to customize. Members will be encouraged to create personal profiles, meet new Simi Valley friends online, join groups, discuss issues in the forums and promote their events and businesses free.

Technology is a terrific way to promote unity and to give all members of the Simi Valley Community a voice. For those interested in participating and helping me launch this online community, please contact me.

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