Simi Valley Employment Survey Results

A huge thanks to Brian Dennert for pointing people my way to take this poll.  The results are pretty interesting.  When this survey is taken by a national audience, I found most people indicated that the nature of the economy is such that most people are concerned about the stability of their jobs within the next 12 months.  Despite that fact, most people were unwilling to accept a pay cut to reduce company expenses.  Also, despite the economic climate, most people still expect their annual raise or bonus, even if they indicated they believed their job was at risk!

Simi Valley, on the other hand, is different.  Few people are worried about losing their jobs, but it seems those that are concerned are willing to accept a pay cut and aren’t anticipating pay increases.  Here are the results.

Q.1 Are you concerned that your position might be laid off or terminated within the next 6 months?
YES – 16%
NO – 84%

Q.2 Are you concerned that your position might be laid off or terminated within the next 12 months?
YES – 37%
NO – 63%

Q.3 Would you be willing to accept a pay cut if you believed your job was in jeopardy?
YES – 74%
NO – 26%

Q.4 Are you expecting a salary increase within the next 12 months?
YES – 53%
NO – 47%

Q.5 If you usually receive an annual bonus, do you expect to receive one in 2009?
YES – 21%
NO – 26%
NOT SURE – 53%

The question I have is what level of obligation will the city of Simi Valley take on in regards to the increasing unemployment rate?  Does the city have programs in place to help match local employers with local job seekers?  I know the private sector has services in place at a significant cost to employers, unfortunately.  Also, there are programs at the State and County level as well.

My interest in this topic relates to a personal project in progress.  As the city chops millions of dollars from their budget, it’s difficult to predict what programs they’ll have in place to help boost our economy.  Having said that, I’m redeveloping an existing application that I plan to use as a tool to match employers with job seekers in Simi Valley.  The concept in my mind truly keeps business in town and reduces expenses.  Matching local job hunters with local employers keeps our cash flow local and reduces fuel expenses, saving individuals’ dollars and boosting our local economy.

I’m hoping to fine tune the application and relaunch it as a completely free service.  I’m also hoping for the city’s endorsement or support, but I’m ready to press on without it.  I look forward to your feedback if you have any.

5 thoughts on “Simi Valley Employment Survey Results

  1. This city has only one plan… sales tax revenue with no plan to support those added businesses with an adequate population base. The city is under the delusion that they will attract shoppers from outside Simi. It is painfully obvious to the cognizant citizens of this town that this out of balance plan is not working and has never worked.


  2. I dont agree that its the city’s responsibility to have to do anything about unemployment, I dont get why they would support yourp lan. Are you looking for financial support?


  3. Mike,

    I was typing from my iPhone yesterday. Adding to my first comment is that the City really does things counter productive to supporting business or keeping business in this town.

    I just wrote about the future of retail business in this town and this is a bigger part of attracting larger non retail business which I hope to discuss in the next installment of “Eating It’s Young”


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