Healthcare in Simi Valley

Is it just me, or is the Simi Valley healthcare community getting some kind of a shakedown?  Rather, are the Simi based medical groups at war with one of them taking a hit?  It certainly seems that way from my perspective.  As a not-so-proud participant in an HMO program, my primary care physician is with Community Medical Group of Simi Valley and the past year has been one of many surprise departures.

For years, my doctor was a terrific doctor with Community Medical Group named Dr. Michaels.  I found him to be knowledgeable, kind and sensitive to my medical concerns.  My wife started seeing him as well based on my recommendations.  After years of reliable medical service, Dr. Michaels suddenly disappeared.  The people at the appointment desk weren’t talking, other than to say he was no longer with the medical group.  With no forwarding information available, I began to see Dr. Lee, also a terrific physician in the same office.

Dr. Lee quickly got up to speed on all of my medical issues, specifically my occassional break-out of hives and my chronic sinusitis.  I became just as satisfied with Dr. Lee as I was with Dr. Michaels.  I later learned that Dr. Michaels had moved to Regal Medical Group of Simi Valley.  Because I had established a rapport with Dr. Lee, however, I chose to stay with Community Medical.  Then, Dr. Lee left the group… and joined Regal Medical.

When a couple of doctors that you depend on suddenly jump ship and land in the same place, it definitely makes you think.  Should I be concerned?  I recently learned that Dr. Whyte, one of the best pediatricians for Community Medical Group, who treats my children, is also moving to Regal Medical Group.  Uh oh.  What does all this mean?

I’m curious to know if anyone else has any insight into the migration of all the outstanding physicians from Community Medical making their way over to Regal.  Are any members of Community Medical Group of Simi inclined to make the switch to Regal Medical Group?  Have you done so already?  And if so, how was the transition?

4 thoughts on “Healthcare in Simi Valley

  1. Dr. Whyte is leaving Community Medical group? When was this? My HMO plan still shows him with Community Medical Group. If he does leave to Regal then I am moving with him (looks like Regal is also in my HMO plan). Don’t have much investment with my current doctors over at CMG–just Dr. Whyte for my 3 kids. Ugg.


  2. I just took my son to see Dr Whyte at Regal. We switched everyone in our family over to Regal since all our drs from CMG went to Regal. It was a little disorganized there, as expected for a temporary office. But overall I was pretty happy, was able to make same day appoint and the place just feels nicer. Saw some other familiar CMG drs and nurses, they seemed happier. I’m glad I switched over.


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