Simi Education Foundation’s New Partners

I know young teachers, not only in Simi Valley, but in other districts who are extremely talented, extremely dedicated, and extremely at risk of losing their jobs due to the state budget crisis.  Funding for education in general, not only for teachers’ salaries, faces cut backs that you’re sure to feel if your children are enrolled in public schools.

The Simi Valley Education Foundation’s history goes back over 20 years, having been instrumental in thousands of dollars in both monetary and school equipment donations.  I can recall getting involved in the business community years ago and seeing other business owners making their involvement in supporting the foundation a primary objective.  As the May deadline for anticipated layoff decisions approaches, I’m not only getting more concerned about the fate of our schools, but it’s becoming increasingly obvious to me that the Simi Valley Education Foundation will become an even greater source of relief to our local school system.

Participating and donating has become a whole lot easier lately thanks to the Education Foundation’s Affinity Partner program.  By simply buying services from Affinity Partners, your qualified purchases can contribute to donations to the Foundation.   Are you a fan of Woodranch Bistro?  Stop by on Sunday and 20% of your food purchase will be donated to the Education Foundation.  Gotta have your Jamba Juice?  Me too!  Swing by on a Monday and mention the Education Foundation so 20% of your purchase can be donated!

I’m very interested in participating as well.  I’d like to see what I can put together to help raise funds for the Education Foundation… in the meantime, I’ll be participating by patronizing the published Affinity Partners.  You can do the same by viewing the list at the link below!

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