Community Medical Group – You Lose!

Community Medical Group and Regal Medical Group of Simi Valley have both been engaged in silent war.  Regal finally won me and my family over. It’s a shame, but it’s a matter of simple business practices.  Both groups have good doctors, but Community Medical’s customer service is weak and their handling of this well publicized doctor exodus is poor.

Imagine having a long term medical history either with yourself or your children and depending on a doctor for many years to treat and evaluate your treatment.  That doctor leaves your medical group and a new doctor is assigned to you.  Troubling, right?  You’d imagine a solid business would prepare its staff to handle these concerns professionally.  You’d imagine that the doctors who step in to replace those who left would research your or your childrens’ file.  Instead, you’re presented with these scenarios:

* A doctor says to you, “That medicine your child has been taking for 2 years with effective results… I won’t prescribe it.  I’m not comfortable with it.”  No explanation is given. Sure, he’s the doctor… but he wants to keep you as a patient, right?  So explain!

* A receptionist says to you, “That doctor is out for the entire week and we’re unable to schedule appointments for him in the future.”  This is what they say when you schedule an appointment with a doctor who has already left for Regal.  Tell us he’s gone so we can schedule an appointment with someone else.  We’re sick!

* The Sycamore and Alamo front office staff is brutally rude.  Yes, they’ve got some very pleasant people working there, but those one or two rude ones really kill it.  Why aren’t doctors offices held to the same customer service standards as other businesses?  They want to earn money, right?  They’re out to build loyalty and increase profits, aren’t they?

The bottom line is when Community Medical Group lost their doctors, the only thing they had to fall back on was good service… and they don’t seem to have any of that.  That shook up my confidence in their abilities to serve me and my family.

Here’s a quote from a recent Ventura County Star article on the topic from Keith Richman, Community Medical’s Regional VP.

“This is a business practice of Regal Medical Group,” he said of the unfolding drama. “Their practice is to go in and recruit the physicians of other medical groups.”

Yep, that’s a pretty good business practice if you’re in the business of providing medical services — get the best doctors you can to offer the best possible service and ensure loyalty and profitability.  Regal, here I come!

12 thoughts on “Community Medical Group – You Lose!

  1. I too have witnessed the terrible customer support at times from the front desk at CMG.

    I changed my kids to Royal though their doctor hasn’t yet completed his move to Royal with my insurance carrier (I chose a different doctor temporarily).

    Oddly enough, I discovered by happenstance that my own doctor at CMG also changed to Royal when I called up the Royal Medical Group (Google search). I didn’t even know.

    I find it quite amusing that one of Royal’s offices is right next door to CMG on Alamo and Lemon.


  2. Community Medical has gone down the drain since the doctors left, and your right about the front desk people. They are rude at the Sycamore office. That one blond lady shouldnt be working in a job like that. And that will be their undoing since their doctors are all leaving. I am probably leaving them too.


  3. Yeah I’m a bit disappointed that they didn’t even let me know my daughter’s doctor left. I asked them recently when I was there for her when she was sick and they said they were going to call me in June and let me know that Dr. Whyte had left and reschedule my appointment with someone new. Frankly the doctor I saw that day was a moron in regards to my daughter, didn’t read her stupid file and had no idea she had a medical disorder or why she was on the meds she was on. Sadly I can’t go over to Regal medical group to stay with Dr. Whyte (I so want to) because my daughter has to see an Endocrinologist and he only takes Community Medical Group. Frankly it sucks we’ve finally found a worthwhile Endocrinologist, and lost a great pediatrician in the process. I’m hoping though that the Endocrinologist has a potential work around to this problem so that I can stay with Dr. Whyte. I’m so not wanting to explain my daughter’s medical history to people who won’t even take the time to check the darn file.


  4. We were very frustrated and disappointed with the pediatrician they gave us when Dr. Whyte suddenly disappeared. This man paid no mind to our child’s file and veered off into a different direction. It was mind boggling. I don’t know how they can expect to stay in business that way, much less keep loyal patients.


  5. Well I go to Brooks Michaels MD and he left Regal and Sierra Vista, and I love him. He is in private practice now, off Sycamore and if youre looking for a good doctor, I highly recommend him!


  6. OMG! I had not idea this website even existed! Dr. Whyte is the ONLY reason our family stayed with Community Medical Group. A few of the front office staff at the Sycamore CMG are totally rude and CMG’s billing department is even worse. I so rejoiced when I found out Dr. Whyte had moved to Regal. It was the BEST NEWS EVER! The only drawback of course is that he was already long gone when, 3 days before my appointment CMG called to reschedule my son’s appointment with a new Doctor and it was too late to change my PCP with my HMO for the next month. I had to wait until June 1st to see Dr. Whyte and the new office so my son’s prescription had run out. But Dr. Whyte is a phenomenal physician and all six of my kids have seen him for the last 8 years. I was thrilled to leave CMG!


  7. Thanks for the above information and comments. Recently, I have also been very dissatisfied with CMG. That’s why I’m on the web searching out any of my old doctors’ newest locations. For the last 25 plus years my kids and I been going to the same medical group (kids are now in their 20s). Though in the distant past the doctors changed (retired or left for elsewhere) but we seemed to get other courteous and competent doctors until recently. Your comments above have reinforced my concerns. I also need to change. Thanks for the feedbback.


  8. If anyone is still stuck with CMG and looking for a great pediatrician and is willing to drive 10 minutes…. Dr. Greene at Community Pediatrics is awesome! They have 6 docs and all of them except Nudleman are terrific but Greene and Cornett are my faves.


  9. I concur with the post above recommending Dr. Brooks Michaels. I followed him from CMG to his private practice accross the street. Glad I did as he is the very best!


  10. I tolerated the poor service at CMG for years, only because changing groups is so difficult. The recent exodus was the motivation we needed. I am so happy that I am back with Dr McNicoll – one building down.
    If you are looking for a new doctor avoid Community Medical Group.


  11. I agree – bye bye CMG! The office staff was just horrible and waits on the phone to schedule an appointment usually took 3 calls and at least half an hour. Awful. But I stuck with them for years simply because I liked my doctor. Well, I stopped by the office (the one on Sycamore) the other day to make an appointment and what did I find? A closed, locked office. Where had everyone gone? More importantly, where were my medical records? I remembered their other office on Alamo and stopped in there and that’s where I found my records. Why wasn’t I notified of the change? Oh yeah – that would require GOOD customer service. I also found that my doctor was gone. Well, I’ve requested a copy of my records and I’m looking for a new doctor. Bye bye CMG. You will not be missed.


  12. I also concure. My Primary MD referred me to Regal at Alamo for a Morphine Shot due to the pain I was in (Avoid SVAH ER). I called the nurse first and she said YES, come in we have Morphine. I arrive with a driver (friend) and we wait 1 full hour with no one waiting in the office. Finally I am escorted to a room and the doctor just looks at me and says We have no Morphone. I recite above and she says sorry. 3 hours after seeing my MD I am in SVAH ER and they ended up giving me 2 Morphine shots to control my pain and give the relief. What’s up with this??? Didn’t they take an oath? Doesn’t Mananged Medicine take an oath:


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