Simi Street Fair This Saturday

The Simi Valley Street Fair is this Saturday, May 9th, between Galena and Sequoia on Cochran Street.  I’ll be there.  I enjoy seeing the businesses come together and I’ve always found the volume of people who attend to be impressive.

A long time ago, I once managed to convince myself that I was important enough to accept the role of Chairman of the Simi Valley Street Fair through the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce.  I was pretty nervous about the job at first, not to mention that shortly before the Street Fair was scheduled, I began a divorce of my first marriage, presenting me with a stressful personal challenge to deal with at the same time.  Despite the concern and stresses, it quickly became evident to me that although I had been named the Chair of the event, the majority of the responsibility fell on the shoulders of professionals with years of experience.

The city liaisons were extremely helpful, not to mention instrumental, with the organization of law enforcement, traffic management, and promotional functions such as hanging Street Fair signs on Cochran and Los Angeles Avenue.  Chamber staff members were key to managing placement of vendors on the street and arranging safety features like concrete barriers on either end of the Fair.  Other promotional and coordination functions were handled by willing and eager volunteers.  It was impressive to see it all come together.  As the Chair of the Event, my job was little more than to accept applause when the event was over.  Undoubtedly, the event is successful as a result of the cooperation and collaboration of the entire team.

I’m definitely interested in seeing if the numbers are as impressive this year at the Simi Valley Street Fair.  Consumer and businesses alike are sensitive to spending, but many vendors in and around Simi Valley depend on the Street Fair as one of their primary promotional and revenue generating venues.  I have high hopes that it’ll be just as successful this year.

If you can, swing by the Street Fair this Saturday and check it out.  If you do stop by, come by here again and leave some comments on what you thought of the Street Fair this year.

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