Glen Becerra Jumps on Shop Simi Opportunity

I am absolutely delighted by the recent news regarding Glen Becerra’s efforts to bring outside dollars into the City of Simi Valley!  This is truly what it’s all about right here.  If you haven’t already heard, here’s the deal… and I hope you love this just as much as I do.

In response to the increase in sales tax to LA County residents who are paying nearly 10 cents on the dollar for every taxable purchase, Glen Becerra has invited our neighbors to shop in Simi Valley and enjoy the unchanged sales tax rate.  This is an impressive move, not just because of the powerful message, but also because Councilmember Becerra paid for a sizable ad in the Daily News out of his own private campaign funds!

Here’s a partial view of the ad, specifically the top portion of the ad that was published in the Daily News:

Glen Becerra's Shop Simi Ad

Here is a piece of the press release on the topic, also released today:

“Working families can’t afford to have their taxes raised and are struggling to make ends meet already,” said Becerra, a three-term Councilman for the city of 126,297 northwest of the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles.  “Many people are unaware of the discrepancy in the sales tax level between the counties.  Many people are unaware of Simi Valley’s low sales tax.  Some aren’t aware of the great shopping and dining opportunities that Simi Valley offers.

“And public officials underestimate the true impact that sales tax increases have on shoppers, working families, businesses and the economy.  But that should change soon.  A quote in Tuesday’s paper by a shopper about the newest sales tax increase says a lot.  He said, ‘It’s not a good idea now.  I will shop less.’ “

To Councilmember Becerra: Thank you!  I really like your style!  This is a terrific idea!

Glen Becerra offers a downloadable copy of the ad that you can see for yourself at the following link.  Check it out here:

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