Regal Medical in Simi Valley

You may have noticed a hiatus in the volume of posts on this site.  The reason is that I’ve been preoccupied with my health over the past 7 – 8 weeks.  For years, I’ve suffered from chronic sinus infections that yield the typical symptoms, combined with severe sinus pain and frequent headaches.  Also for years, I’ve been trying to get a long term cure for this problem but have ultimately failed.

I switched recently to Regal Medical Group in response to the highly publicised exodus of well respected physicians from Community Medical Group to Regal.  As I was browsing the list of available physicians, I found Dr. Brooks Michaels.  Years ago, he was my doctor at Community Medical and he was fantastic!  He left without warning and there was much secrecy behind his departure and where he landed.  It was handled poorly by Community Medical, in my opinion.  I signed up for Dr. Michaels without hesitation and looked forward to my first appointment.

First, to my surprise, Dr. Michaels remembered me from years ago and also remembered that we were working on identifying the cause of the chronic sinus infections.  After our first visit, he had ordered a blood panel to test for allergens, referred me to an ENT (Ear Nose Throat specialist) and referred me to an Allergist.  In a few short weeks, I received a CT scan and diagnosis of my sinus problems, as well as a thorough plan and schedule for identifying any and all allergies that I may have.

Thanks to Dr. Michaels, I’m on the fast track to getting better after many years of suffering from an annoying bout of frequent sinus infections.  Dr. Michaels has a way about his treatment that they simply don’t teach in medical school.  He is compassionate and personally invested in the health of his patients.  He runs a private practice now but contracts with Regal to allow him to see patients with HMOs, like me.  His office staff consists of the people who were once so kind behind the front desk when he worked at Community Medical… when he left, so did they… and they followed him!

My search for the best in healthcare in Simi Valley is offer.  I’m with Dr. Michaels again… finally!  If you’re having as much trouble as I’ve had over the past several years, I encourage you to join Regal Medical Group and seek out Dr. Michaels are your primary physician.

Dr. Brooks Michael
2925 Sycamore Dr. #101A
Simi Valley
(805) 578-9751

1 thought on “Regal Medical in Simi Valley

  1. I just went back to Community Medical Group after making the big mistake of jumping on the bandwagon of thinking I was going to get something better. Well, we’ll just see how this will all pan out when everybody else runs into the major snags that I did. Good luck and by the way, welcome back!


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