The Reagan Library’s NOT in Simi Valley?

As we know it, is the Ronald Reagan Library REALLY in the city of Simi Valley.  Technically speaking, the answer to that question is “no!”  Apparently, the Regan Library sits in an unincorporated area of the Tierra Rejada Greenbelt and is actually outside of the jurisdiction of Simi Valley.  I sure didn’t know that.

I believe tonight is the night where the Neighborhood Council will discuss the option of annexing the Regan Library which will redefine the city limits as it relates to the library and surrounding land.  Of course, should that be the final answer, the County of Ventura would have to approve since the territory is currently within the county’s jurisdiction, but no opposition is expected.

According to the City of Simi Valley, the only measurable difference should there be an annexation would be the response to the area by the police department over the sherrif’s department.  Currently, the city already provides services to the library, like sewer and utility services.

If I had a vote on the matter, it would be YES!  I suspect most of the rest of the city is on the same page…

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