Community Medical vs. Regal Medical

The battle rages on between the two big medical groups in Simi Valley, Community Medical Group versus Regal Medical Group.  For me, Regal is the winner, getting our family to switch over when Dr. Whyte and Dr. Michaels made the switch to Regal.

A friend sent me this run down of her problems with a back injury and her primary care physician at Community.  Effective September 1st, she became a Regal Medical client.  Here is her story:

After my back injury when I slipped down the stairs, I really had a hard time getting my doctor to acknowledge that it could be a serious injury.  After several return trips over the course of many weeks, he finally prescribed Vicodin and physical therapy with no X-rays or thorough examination.  When the pain got worse over time and began resulting in shooting pains down my leg, I knew it was getting serious.  After hours of phone calls, pleading and begging, my doctor’s office staff finally agreed to work with me and got my doctor to submit a referral to a specialist.  An MRI revealed a herniated disc.  Enough is enough.  I need better care.  I’m switching to Regal like you did.

It’s an eye-opening story.  While a single doctor’s choices shouldn’t necessarily represent the quality of service of an entire medical group, certainly one could understand how a patient could take it that way, especially after suffering from chronic pain without relief over time.

My sincere hope is that Community Medical Group will evaluate their business as a whole and realize that a profitable business is one that provides quality service… EVEN in the healthcare industry!  Until that’s understood, they stand to lose more patients to Regal Medical Group.

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