AT&T Simi Valley Phone Repair Nightmare

For an embarassing number of weeks, my phone service has been failing.  We went weeks assuming our phone was broken, only to replace it and find that we still couldn’t receive incoming phone calls. Disconnecting the house from the primary incoming line and still having our phone service fail was an indicator to me that the problem had to be addressed by AT&T.  And so begins my nightmare…

A call to AT&T resulted in a work order that had a technician at my house a couple of days later.  They were terrific! Both technicians I saw that day were attentive and prompt.  My initial feeling was that I would be well taken care of.  One of the technicians took some liberties and tethered our phone box to my neighbors working phone wiring, bringing me back online and explaining that another technician would be out days later to pin point the problem with the wiring. Apparently, the problem was underground and the fix involved a lot of work and digging.  Yikes… but no problem!  So far, AT&T was great.  But not for much longer.

The technician arrived at my home and conducted routine repair procedures, ultimately testing my phone line and determining that it worked!  However, he failed to notice that I was tethered to my neighbor with a MacGuiver style phone line fix.  He considered the matter closed, completed the work order and closed the trouble ticket with the repair department.  He left his phone number for me to call if there were issues.  I called it.  I left a voice mail.  He didn’t call back.

I called AT&T repair service back and the lady on the call told me my matter was closed and fixed.  I expressed concern that I was still tethered to my neighbor.  She dismissed the notion, suggesting that I could disconnect the line from my neighbors house. It’s pretty rare that an AT&T technicial support representative would tell you to disconnect a phone line attached to your house, much less to someone else’s house.  After firmly disagreeing with her, she agreed to open a new trouble ticket, ultimately bringing us right back to square one.

And my wife wants me to switch our television service from Dish Network to AT&T?  I can’t imagine!  With such a fallout in the lines of communication, I’d predict a complete blackout of all of my technology, from phone and internet to television, with weeks of trouble ticket openings and closures with no resolution.

Are there any Simi Valley folks who can share some stories regarding experiences with AT&T, good or bad, regarding phone repair, DSL repair, or AT&T U-verse television service?

3 thoughts on “AT&T Simi Valley Phone Repair Nightmare

  1. Not an AT&T fan but dont have much choice… phone customer service is ok, but technical service on the phone like when your DSL out is bad. Go with cable for high speed internet.


  2. My parents got the Uverse television package and loved it, they had no problems. So I got it and all hell broke loose. It went offline over and over again and the technical guys they sent to our house couldn’t figure out why and they did the same thing, they closed the issue. Over and over again, same thing, then finally we got some smart tech guys and they fixed it all up and told us how a lot of the tech guys in the field are just robots. It sounds like you got your smart tech guys first where I got them last!!


  3. In tech environments where some call center opens a “trouble ticket” the techs are judged and rated NOT on quality of service, but how many trouble tickets they close and how fast they close them. AT&T is no different. You have to hope the next person they send you cares or else you’ll get more of the same. Sorry!


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