Simi Valley Election 2010 – The Race Is On!

Wow! This is an election that will prove to be exciting!  Last mayoral election, I was concerned that Simi Valley voters had grown accustomed to the status quo. This election, there are compelling choices and what is sure to be a real race to the finish line!  What’s more, these candidates are all worthy of votes so it’s important that Simi voters educate themselves on the issues and determine where they stand.

Glen Becerra and Michelle Foster are up for re-election during this cycle and both have done an excellent job as councilmembers.  Glen got a head start by publishing an amazing website that serves to educate the community on the issues and his positions on them.  Mike Judge who gathered a worthy number of votes in the last election is trying it again, kicking his website into high gear.

Mayor Paul Miller is officially retiring, opening the mayoral race between Councilmember Steve Sojka and local businessman Bob Huber.  Mr. Huber has published an impressive website that makes use of the latest in “web 2.0” outlets and has a good number of early supporters.  Steve Sojka has served on the City Council for years, has the support of our current mayor, and is a well liked and respected community leader.

As for me, I’ll be warming up the video camera and hoping to hear from the candidates so I can share more about them you!  The race is on!

2 thoughts on “Simi Valley Election 2010 – The Race Is On!

  1. hey welcome back! So are we going to be seeing some videos from you soon about the election? What are your thoughts on the race between Sojka and Huber?


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