Scott Miller for Simi Valley City Council

Scott Miller intends to submit his paperwork on Monday to run for Simi Valley City Council.  I’ve known Scott for a couple of years and know that he’ll put a lot of passion into his campaign.  But I’ve also seen passion behind the work the incumbents (Michelle Foster and Glen Becerra) have done during their time in office.  I had some questions for Scott about his campaign and he was gracious enough to answer them for me.

Q: Scott, I’m curious.  What’s inspired you to run for Simi Valley City Council?  And how will your presence in City Council be better for the City than by simply re-electing the incumbents?

A: Mike, one thing is that I am not seeing enough done for the small new business person. Also, I keep hearing from young people there is nothing to do in Simi Valley. Mike, I see a synergy there someplace. I feel that I bring a different look at things. My kids go to public school. My wife is a teacher. I am a business owner who is changing the way I am doing business. There are dozens of businesses that have closed in Simi Valley, my store being one of them. I am passionate about my city. I am the guy next door. I know I will bring a different spin on things.

Q: Name recognition is an important thing in local elections.  How will you “get your name out” to Simi Valley voters?

A: Mike, I know lot of different people from all walks of life. People know me from Tutu’s Shave Ice. I have been in Simi Valley for a long time. I make a point of not being a wall flower and I enjoy talking to people. My kids and friends make fun of me because when we go out, people come up to me and start talking!

It’s true!  I’ve seen this.  A chat with Scott outside the grocery store turned into a marathon of people shouting “Hi Scott!”  People know this guy!  But will that be enough to squeeze out one of two popular City Councilmembers?  Time will tell.

Best of luck to Scott Miller on his campaign!  More to come, I’m sure!
Scott Miller at his shop, Tutu’s Hawaiian Ice Cream Shack

8 thoughts on “Scott Miller for Simi Valley City Council

  1. Ok so I’m wondering is who is this guy? I would be curious to hear what Steve Sojka thinks of the city not doing enough for small business, or didn’t Scott Miller not read the q&a with Sojka? Or maybe Scott Miller can say how what the city is doing (business forums, shop simi first) isn’t enough?


  2. Hi Richard. Scott Miller ran Tutu’s Ice Cream in Simi after purchasing it from the previous owner. He definitely poured himself into the business as many of his customers will tell you. He was involved in various business networking groups and the Chamber of Commerce and is now working in a managerial position at Toyota of Simi Valley.

    I’d also be curious about Scott’s response to Steve Sojka’s Q&A since we did discuss small business support. I’ll see if I can get his remarks. Thanks!


  3. Hi –
    I have read Steve’s interview I respect what he has said. I like what has been done. In the same breath I have to say 12 years WOW. I have been in retail and sales and management for a long time. Something I like to set my standard to be this. Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Think about this quote for a second and ask yourself, does this quote apply to the way we have been doing things?..
    Just today I went and visited with five local business owners. (I went to them as they don’t have time to go to me) Every one of them told me about the city visits they have had. Let’s just say it was not a good visit. One of them had a visit from a guy who told his wife she had to remove the signs from the building. She explained her husband would be in the next day and remove them. The business owner was in the next day and was removing the signs. The enforcement officer saw him removing the signs. Yet the city still sent four letters to all of the address they had for telling him he was in volition. This was one small business what about the others. We all know there are two sides to every story I just heard one side.
    We have to be more business friendly. Another business I went to today told me that we in Simi can’t have a doggie resort. (Well we can if it is over on the far side of easy street by the recycle plant). If some one wants to do that they have to go out of Simi like to thousand oaks. Again this is what a small local business owner told me right or wrong this is what she was told by the city. We must be proactive. I agree we are in a totally wacky time as far as the economy is concerned; this affects more people in ways “we” may never know. I am running for city council because I am the regular guy I am the guy who lost his store front. I had to change and adapt to what was going on. I know as a strong community that we can over come this. We at city would shock our local mom and pops if we walked in and had a soft drink and said hi. I make a point of doing that no less than once a week. It’s amazing what one can learn by getting out of ones comfort zone.



  4. I’m sorry biut this to me is not a strong statement. What’s your campaign message? That you want to streamline the city’s internal processes or what? You want the city to let any business of any type operate anywhere they want? Join the planning commission then. Why vote for you instead of Michelle Foster and Glen Becerra that is waht I want to know.

    Megan how is he the best for the city council? I think I get what he WANTS from the city, now I want to know how he’s go to GET it.


  5. It’s very simple. Scott is the type of guy who is motivated by doing what is best for Simi Valley. Seeing the flaws of the city are his major target points. As he has previously stated, a major focuse is upon the success of local businesses. Many people in power are wealthy and don’t seem to see the needs of the small business persona. Scott, being he was an owner himself, is more than exceptionally aware of what changes need to be brought to the table.

    Your word choice seems inadequate to me… you say “what he WANTS from the city”, I think a better phrase would be “what he wants to change about the city”. He isn’t asking for anything but support from our town.

    How is he best? Now that has a simple answer. Scott Miller would be your best vote because he is the “everyday guy or the guy next door”. He is friendly, social, and positively well known among Simi and actually a great deal throughout our county. If you ask anyone of any age at all about him you’ll get the same response– “Oh! The owner of Tutu’s! That guy is awesome!” You may ask well why is this? Another simplistic answer. He is a genuinely nice guy! This is vital to the council because who doesn’t want a nice guy running their city? Scott is the type of person who will help you in any time of need. Hell…he’ll even promote your business, AND shave ice at it! Not only was he at his shop everyday from start to finish, he juggled up to three outside events in one day to make sure he was able to satisfy everyone! Being an OWNER of a store you don’t even have to be there…he was there EVERY SINGLE DAY from open to close, that says a lot about how passionate of a local business owner he was.

    Another main concept of his is making Simi a better place when it comes to kids and our schools. He has a family of his own and interacted with kids of all ages from toddlers to children to teens at Tutu’s when he had the store front, and still continues to at his outside events! There has been major crises in the past involving teacher strikes, and unsatisfied students. I fully trust him that he will stop at nothing to help out the children of Simi.

    Scott Miller is the best candidate for this position of city council.
    Any more quesitons?


  6. I think you make him sound like a very nice man who knows a lot of people, but it still isn’t clear from what you said and what he said on how he will be a good councilman. Other people on the council own or owned businesses. Not everyone on the council is wealthy and they all have families and children, so they care about Simi’s kids and actively contribute and volunteer for kids’ programs.

    So I guess one more question. How is Scott Miller a better candidate than Michelle Foster and Glen Beccera?


  7. I would personally like to thank you and your son for coming out and supporting “Mormon Helping Hands” and getting dirty with us at Corriganville, Scott! The park is much more beautiful and restored from the efforts put forth today. Something the Parks & rec needed help with, was truly resolved today with all the volunteers who cared about our local parks.

    I know you had many other events to attend today, and work, but you set such a good example for your family and to our community by all your good works and I just want to know you are appreciated and I think you’re awesome! I did notice you had many fans there, who knew you as Mr. Tutu’s!!! I hope they get a chance to know you as a City Council member that they can continue to count on too!. You are a great influence in our communities’ youth!


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