Mitch Green: Simi’s Leaders are all Republican

In a letter to the editor today in the Simi Valley Acorn, Mitch Green points out that all of Simi Valley’s leaders in City Hall are Republicans. The letter appears as follows:

I was watching the April 12 Simi Valley City Council meeting, and the thought struck me that every single person on the dais was a Republican. The mayor, each council member, the city manager and the city attorney, all Republicans.

Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with being a Republican or the Republican point of view, unless you’re not a Republican and unless you don’t share a Republican point of view. In that case, your voice is not heard and your views don’t count.

So why allow this to continue? There is no reason that other points of view should be shut out of city hall.

In the upcoming City Council and mayoral race, every single candidate who has announced an intention to run for office, except me, is a Republican.

Come on, folks, if your views are shut out of city hall, step up to bat and run for office or get behind someone who shares your views. Do your civic duty and let other points of view be heard.

I hope I don’t come off as naive, but I can’t say that I’ve ever seen anything from City Council come off as blatantly partisan.  Further, of the City Council meetings I’ve attended, I can’t say I’ve ever seen one that came off suggesting that anyone’s views are “shut out of city hall.”

I would be curious to hear others’ thoughts on this.

Also, who is Mitch Green?  Is he running for City Council like his letter suggests?  Has anyone seen his official announcement if he is?  I’d be interested in learning more. UPDATE: Mitch Green is the assistant city attorney who announced his candidacy early this year.

13 thoughts on “Mitch Green: Simi’s Leaders are all Republican

  1. I am not sure how party even factors into city politics. Can anyone point out decisions the council makes that would be part of a party platform? Our land development controls are certainly not conservative.


  2. He’s just trying to differentiate himself from the status quo. Political party is of little to no importance in the decisions city council makes.

    This is my first comment here, I really like the site, I’ve been following it for a couple years now.


  3. Ted, if only one point of view is expressed, then of course those views that are expressed will appear homogeneous. No surprise there.

    And TJensen, right on, yes I am trying to differentiate myself from the pack. Democrats and Independents combined outnumber Republicans in this town. So why are all our elected (or appointed and then re-elected) leaders from one party only? Not exaclty representative of the overall make up of the town.

    And Mike, I am the “former” Assistant City Attorney for Simi Valley. I and Assistant City Clerk Wendy Zimmerman (now Green) were married on March 28 of this year and we decided that it might be better for us to diversify our income sources, so since April 12 I now work as a partner in a lawfirm in Woodland Hills and commute from Simi.

    Nice website by the way.


  4. To be honest, party affiliation has never really crossed my mind when it came to the City. I think part of the reason we have Republicans is because the Democrats and Independents in this town might actually be voting for these Republicans. Their votes in the State and Federal level, however, might differ. This is merely an assumption, though.

    To be brief, I think the editorial is a little exaggerated. I know I have plenty of disagreements with how they want to run the City, but I share the same party affiliation. I’m pretty sure they have their own disagreements between themselves as well.

    Are you, Mitch Green, a Democrat or Independent? Either way, I’m not sure it matters—at least not to me. Running for public office to “diversify [your] income sources” makes me a little hesitant, but I’m not sure you meant it that way. I appreciate that you want to bring something new to the table; I just hope that being a non-Republican isn’t all there is to it.


  5. Jessica,

    Yes I did and I now regret it. I am a 27 year veteran of the U.S. Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve and when Obama said, “The first thing we do is bring home the troops,” I believed him. Obviously, he didn’t mean what he said and instead has escalated our war time adventures.


  6. Is partisan miscalculation something you plan on bringing to the city council? I can look up every decision the city council members have voted on.

    Only vote I know about you is one you have admitted is a mistake.


  7. Jessica,

    I’m running because I believe its important to bring a diversity of views on all matters concerning the operation of city government. I believe it is a civic duty of all of us if qualified to offer ourselves to public service. I have 34 years total government service and if elected by the people, I know my way around City Hall from day one. That’s not a miscalculation.


  8. Mitch ~

    Just to point out something you said in a comment: if, as you said, the majority of people in Simi are Dems & Inds, then why are “all” of the elected officials Repubs? Seems they must adhere to the values of the people voting otherwise they wouldn’t have won in the first place. Things that make you say, “Hmmm”


  9. Mike,

    I agree with you that the decisions often made by the council are nonpartisan. But party does come into play because most council members endorse candidates for partisan races including House, State Senate, and Assembly races.

    Their endorsements of Republicans in election after election does have influence.


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