Shame on Robert Huber Banner

What the heck? A couple of people in Simi Valley were spotted in front of Bob Huber’s office holding a giant banner that read “Shame on Robert Huber.”  Got it… Shame on him… but for what?

I found the photo on Brian Dennert’s blog and there it is!  An enormous banner with the words distinctly displayed for all to see with absolutely no other signs or suggestions as to why Bob should be ashamed.

If anyone has any information or can post some links that might detail the purpose or motivation behind this unusual demonstration, I’d like to hear from you!

UPDATE !!! – Bob Huber explains the picketing in front of his office!

1 thought on “Shame on Robert Huber Banner

  1. I saw this the other day and was cracking up. I can only guess that maybe it’s coming from the College district. If so that does not look like members of the teachers union out there holding the banner. 😉


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