Huber Explains Picketing

Bob Huber explained the picketing in front of his office, mentioned this past weekend in a previous entry.  I found the demonstration confusing.  The large banner read “Shame on Robert Huber” with no explanation offering up a reason for the banner in the first place.  Effective demonstration?  I’d say no.

Bob Huber’s remarks explain the situation fully:

The week before last, a Los Angeles labor union set up pickets at the Firefighters’ training facility, potentially disrupting our Firefighter training program.  The VCCCD administration requested that the pickets relocate their line so as not to obstruct access to the site.  They got mad and decided to picket myself in Simi Valley (as Chair of the College District), Dr. Jim Meznek in Ventura (College District Chancellor), Trustee Art Hernandez in Santa Paula (Chair of the College Board Construction Committee), and the Camarillo site of the Firefighters training facility.

So why is the union upset?  Their beef is that the Bond project is using a non-union sub contractor, N-U Enterprises, to work on building the state-of-the-art, Fire, Sheriff and Police Academy.

Read the message in its entirety on Bob Huber’s website.

Bob Huber offers a pretty credible explanation.  Quite frankly, I can’t see any reason for there to be a demonstration in front of his office and I don’t think he has anything to  be ashamed of.  I’d be interested in hearing anyone’s feedback if you have any.

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