Barbra Williamson Whoops On Simi Acorn

Simi Valley City Councilwoman Barbra Williamson gave the folks at the Simi Valley Acorn a piece of her mind regarding their blatant use of “Simi” in referencing our city instead of “Simi Valley.”  In the letter, she says:

I am probably being a little oversensitive in writing this letter, but today’s (April 29) publication was the last straw, if you know what I mean.

I, like everyone else, refers to your newspaper as the Acorn , or Acorn . What if they were to call you “corn,” just leave off the “a.” It’s just a little thing but nonetheless I am sure it’s important to the owners of your newspaper.

Well, it’s just as important to a resident of our community that we be addressed as Simi Valley, not Simi.

Like I said . . . a little oversensitive perhaps, but let’s show a little respect when referring to our beautiful valley; it’s only six more letters.
Barbra Williamson
Simi Valley

I’m guilty of this.  I often refer to Simi Valley as Simi.  Also, and this may be beside the point, I often refer to Thousand Oaks as “T.O.” and sometimes, I even call Moorpark “M to the P.”  These are tough habits to break, but I suspect I have the willpower to get past this.  I’m pledging publicly that I will give it my best shot.  However, my bad habits don’t end here.

Interestingly, I often refer to the Simi Valley Acorn as “the corn.”

“Good morning, dear. The Corn is a little wet this morning because they tossed it in the lawn.  Good thing the Corn is online!”

It didn’t occur to me until I read Barbra’s letter that this might be an obvious display of disrespect, or as I often refer to it, a display of “d’spect.”  For the record, it should be noted that not only do I have a huge amount of respect for the Simi Valley Acorn, I also really enjoy corn of various varieties. East coast grown white corn on the cob is easily my favorite.  It nicely compliments any summer time barbecue [edit: replaced “BBQ” with “barbecue”].

Having lived in Simi Having lived in Simi Valley all of my life, I feel I owe it to B-Will owe it to Barbra Williamson to put my best foot forward and represent my city as it was intended — with two word, not one!


P.S. I love Barbra Williamson!

5 thoughts on “Barbra Williamson Whoops On Simi Acorn

  1. Typical Williamson! Caring about appearances and words more than what is behind them!

    And yes, I know she spells it “Barbra” but I prefer the classic Barbara…perhaps the “Corn” will allow her to take the “A” and insert it in her name.

    In fact, I think we should require all candidates for office to produce their ACTUAL Birth Certificates and verify the real spelling of their names…just to make sure that they didnt change it illegally just to be “different”.

    So, Simi Acorn…you can call yourself whatever you are comfortable with…its YOUR name and if you choose to use the nickname rather than the more formal title…go for it!

    Should the “Star” change its name to the “San Buenaventura Star”??? That is actually the official name of the city..isnt it?


  2. HI MIke,
    You know us Irish….we love humor.
    But what’s up with Ms. Enery? I really must have pulled her chain somewhere along the line…To bad, that “chip” must be getting awfully heavy.


  3. I don’t think she appreciates a quality letter to the editor like the ‘Corn does. By the way, you left the “Mac” off her last name. You’re not setting a good example! I’ll probably have to share this discrepancy in a letter to the ‘Corn.


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