Glen Becerra Campaign Kickoff

A few days ago, I mentioned a couple of campaign events. One of those was Glen Becerra’s official campaign kick-off. I hadn’t anticipated being able to attend this event, but when my sister agreed to watch the kids, we charged the camera and made our way there. What a night!

There was something very intoxicating about the environment. Aside from the breathtaking view on the beautiful property, it was really moving to be among so many Glen Becerra supporters.  I don’t really know what I was expecting, but I can tell you that every single person there was really excited about seeing Glen Becerra reclaim his seat for another four years.

People from all walks of life support Glen Becerra.  I saw Cameron Smyth, State Assemblyman, as well as Jeff Gorell who is the favorite for State Assembly (replacing Audra Strickland).  I saw many familiar Simi Valley business owners from my past life as a networking member of the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce.  I saw friends, neighbors and even Glen Becerra’s brother.  I even saw a gentleman named Bob Daggs who owned a large, successful manufacturing company where I used to work years ago. It was at that company where I transitioned from an accounting clerk to a Marketing Specialist, learning my way through website development, ultimately launching the career I have today.

Glen Becerra has a very strong following in Simi Valley. I had a lot of good things to say about him last summer when he published an ad in the LA Daily News in an effort to make the best of an opportunity.  This evening, I heard a lot of other people having a lot of good things to say about him as well.

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5 thoughts on “Glen Becerra Campaign Kickoff

  1. Always liked Becerra. He cuts right to it and he’s not afraid to be in the minority so long as its in the best interest of simi. Is there any word on how the police officers association feels about him after they picketed his house a while back?

    Fosters running again too right?


  2. Hi there. I have yet to hear anything from the POA or their new Political Action Committee. I’ve sent them an email and gave them my contact information for any announcements or remarks they make have, but I haven’t heard anything back. I do know that Glen Becerra was recently interviewed by the POA, so I’d imagine they’re still conducting due diligence.

    And yes, Michelle Foster is running for re-election.


  3. Mike,

    If Glen Becerra has such a strong following in Simi Valley, why is he running dead last in the only on line poll to date regarding the November City Council race?

    Not that the Star’s poll is in anyway scientific or accurate, but the fact remains that the man with all the money, all the connections, and everyone who counts on speed dial is running in last place with everyone but the monied elite.

    Perhaps to the people who really count, ie the voters, Glen is but the face of the incumbent problem, not the solution for tomorrow.

    Right now the city faces a 9.6 million dollar budget shortage and it just wrote a check back to the state for 6 million dollars in state confiscated redevelopment monies. That’s nearly 16 million dollars that the city is short, and yet what you hear about is great views and incumbents closing ranks to support each other.

    That’s leadership? Of course not. And the people who count, “get it.”

    If you think the city finds itself in a financial mess today, why would you rehire those who broke it to fix it?

    Mitch Green


  4. Mike,

    Where were you? There were that many people there! I talked to a few people yesterday that were there and I was thinking that was a big crowd to miss seeing people I know.


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