Simi Valley Cajun Festival 2010

This Memorial Day weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, May 29-30, is the Simi Valley Cajun Festival. In case you haven’t heard (and it’s likely that most people have heard), the Cajun Festival is an annual event in Simi Valley where attendees can enjoy music and entertainment, unique food and drinks, talent shows, shopping and family friendly activities and fun.

The event is put on by the Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise and it happens to be an incredibly successful fundraiser.  The Rotary donates to familiar Simi Valley organizations like the Simi Boys and Girls Club, The Free Clinic, The Simi Valley Education Foundation and the Simi Valley Police Foundation.  The love is shared beyond Simi Valley, with benefits going to the American Cancer Society and The Rotary Foundation, just to name a few.

For those of you interested in the Simi Valley political scene, you’ll see some familiar faces at the Cajun Festival.  Last year, I spotted Mayor Paul Miller browsing the vendor booths.  Councilman Steve Sojka and Candidate for Simi Valley Mayor was working the beverage booth last year and sold me a beer! I also saw Councilwoman Michelle Foster at the Cajun Festival last year chatting with fellow Rotarians.  And though I didn’t actually see him last year, Candidate for Simi Valley Mayor Bob Huber was likely there as well, and will surely be there this weekend because he, like the Mayor and Councilmembers mentioned, is a member of the Simi Valley Rotary Club.

The event is a real blast.  I attend every year, and do my level best to recruit as many friends as associates as I can to join us for some fun in an energetic, cheery environment. It’s always fun.  Go there this weekend and have a good time.  Bring your cameras!  You WILL see our Simi Valley leadership putting their campaigns on hold and coming together to do a lot of good and raise a lot of money for worthy charities.  I’ll see you there!

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