Q&A With Mike Judge – Simi Valley City Council Candidate

If you followed the Simi Valley election in 2008, then you already know Mike Judge.  He ran a good race for a newcomer, ranking well in the final vote count with 17% of the votes.  Other newcomers scored 8%, 6% and 3% of the total votes.  I saw a lot of signs for Mike Judge and heard more buzz about him in the community than any other newcomers in the race.

Mike Judge has been a police officer for the LAPD for 20 years, has been a long time resident of the City of Simi Valley where he and his wife are raising three children, and is a self-described “conservative, law and order, pro-business candidate.” I asked him some straightforward questions the other day which he answered promptly so that I can share his remarks with you.

Vote Simi Valley: Both Glen Becerra and Michelle Foster are running for re-election.  Is your campaign specifically targeting one of the incumbents, or are you asking the voters to simply elect you to one of the open seats?

Mike Judge: I have entered the election process for Simi Valley City Council because I want to serve my city.  I am sure that all  of the candidates, including the incumbents,  will be sharing their ideas and goals in order to win the support of the voters.  Our city is facing many challenges in this time of a weak  economy. Every citizen and business is looking for solutions from community leaders to lead the city in the right direction. Over the next several months, serious discussion and debate of those issues by all the candidates should take place.

This upcoming election is not about the incumbents, the status quo or the typical political tactics of the past.  People across the country (including Simi Valley) are unhappy with government’s rapid growth and spending.  The voters of Simi Valley will decide what type of leaders will be best for their families and their businesses.

Vote Simi Valley
: In local elections, name recognition is an important asset.  How do you plan to “get your name out” to the Simi Valley voters?

Mike Judge: In the past, name recognition was important but an informed electorate will ultimately elect their leaders for specific reasons, not popularity.   I do believe that people are more interested in learning about the candidates today than ever before. Ideas, character and integrity should be the foundation of the voter’s decision making process.  It is my job to inform the voters of Simi Valley of my background, commitment and my recommendations in moving the city in the right direction. I will do everything possible to reach and inform the people of Simi Valley.

Vote Simi Valley
: How will the Simi Valley City Council be better or more effective with Mike Judge as a Councilmember?

Mike Judge: This upcoming election is not about whether the City Council will be better or more effective.  This election is all about moving Simi Valley in a positive direction. Government is not the solution to our economic problems. Government is the problem… Leadership is the solution.  Leaders must be dedicated and committed in improving the opportunities for our people and businesses to prosper. My hope is to become one of those leaders.

Thanks for participating, Mike.  I look forward to chatting with you more during the course of your campaign.  Good luck!


11 thoughts on “Q&A With Mike Judge – Simi Valley City Council Candidate

  1. Good interview. Government and spending are the problems – agreed.

    By the way, this guy does amazing impersonations of Beavis and Butthead. Did you ask him about that?


  2. “Government is the problem… Leadership is the solution.”

    Mike Judge is a government employee? Is he part of the problem?


  3. While I agree with the poster “Mitch G” that those who perform much needed services like “police and fire, to trash collecting and tree trimming” can be differentiated from those who make public policy, his comments posted above are not mine. I use my full name when posting.

    Warm regards,

    Mitch Green


  4. Mitches:

    Mike Judge is a member of an LA police union in LA. It’s not a leap that he’ll suck up to the POA here to get elected.

    If he is serious about cutting spending, he should tell us specifically what line items he plans on cutting. 50% of the city’s general expenditures are police-related.

    What spending is he proposing to cut?


  5. I feel Mike Judge will put the public safety and our city’s citizens first. Mike will cut the needless and wasteful spending by ALL segments of local government, including the Police Department. He will make it a priority to get Simi Valley back on top of the safest cities list. His experience as a Police Officer will be invaluable in this cause. His experience, along with his involvement on the Simi Valley neighborhood council will give us the best of both worlds – a highly trained professional who cares deeply about the community he serves.


  6. Mike Judge is just a regular citizen asking some tough questions and seeking the truth about our city’s direction. He is poised and ready to tackle the tough issues which need to be addressed. He is concerned about the future of our city and is willing to provide the leadership necessary to turn our city around and back on a path to prosperity. His common sense approach, coupled with his military background and LAPD service, forms a foundation to build on. It is refreshing to see such a commitment from a local dad who cares for his family and his community.

    As Mike stated: “Government is the problem……..Leadership is the solution”.

    I agree with Mike.

    Join me in supporting Mike Judge.


  7. Come on, really? These questions have NOTHING to do with the actual issues and his responses are generic. Who cares about which seat he’s going after, who cares how he’s going to get his name out?? I want to know actual WAYS he wants to change things, where he stands on things – what are his goals? What does he want to turn around and how will he do it? This interview was worthless. The only thing Mike Judge wants to do is shoot guns and bring that shooting range to Simi Valley. I am from a law enforcement family – LAPD to be exact and I do NOT want a shooting range here in Simi Valley. Traveling to qualify is not a huge problem for our many SVPD nor our LAPD citizens and they get paid! Mike even holds a shooting range fundraiser. Think about what the current council has gone through – an economy that is the worst it’s been in 100 years and they got us through it with very little major cuts to our lifestyle here in Simi Valley. If they can get us through the worst times we’ve ever seen, I’m confident they can get us through anything but let’s stick to Mr. Judge – bad interview, no real points and no guns!


  8. Went to Mike’s FB page and again, found no real answers to any issues or where he stands on things or what his goals are. Saw one post on encouraging people to attend City Council meeting to have their voices heard but of course, he doesn’t state if he’s in support or against but I did stumble upon this post:

    “Elect Mike Judge for the Simi Valley City Council Well I hope every great father out there had a great Father’s Day. We went to BJ’s in the Valley I love the Red Beer. wouldn’t a BJ’s look nice where Jonny Corrinos was??? we need to get a Brew Pub in Simi Valley (Anacapa Brewing are you listening.)”

    Yes, beer AND guns – that’s a good idea!


    Read more: http://www.vcstar.com/comments/post/#ixzz0tx06BT4p
    – vcstar.com


  9. BTW – When he encouraged people on his FB page to go to the City Council meeting that night it was to voice your opinion on the Sinaloa Park Project. Of course, he doesn’t say whether he was for it or against it. The project has received almost unanimous votes from all 5 neighborhood councils, the planning commission and the city council. There were only 2 votes(ONLY 2!!) against a family fun golf course and park and Mike Judge was one of them!!! The community outreach and support of this project was INCREDIBLE but yet Mike Judge didn’t want to see renovations to a 40 year old golf course, the replacement of the driving range (which is losing money) with a miniature golf course and a beautiful park come to Simi Valley! I’m sure he’d rather see a shooting range go in there!


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