Bob Huber Calls for Town Hall Meetings

This has been discussed in the comments section of previous posts on this website, and I’m very interested in speaking to Bob Huber about this personally to get more details.  I’m also curious to know everyone’s immediate feedback on this as well.

Here’s an announcement fresh from the Bob Huber for Simi Valley Mayor Campaign Office:


On February 8, 2010 former Simi Valley City Councilman Bob Huber announced his campaign for Mayor of Simi Valley.

At the same time, he promoted monthly Town halls in Simi Valley, so the people of our community can provide ideas, concerns and suggestions to the Mayor of our town.  Huber said, “Monthly Town halls will allow a direct connection between the people of Simi Valley and the Mayor.  No formal letters, no short phone calls, no emails or faxes with formal answers–direction communication for all the people of Simi Valley with the Mayor.  My goal is to bring city government closer to the people it serves which in turn makes our city more responsive to the people.”

Over the past two months of talking with real people, at their homes, at events and at community meetings, Bob Huber has heard complaints, concerns and questions about city management, city services and needs of individual families.

Based on these conversations and meetings, Bob Huber has developed an idea, at no cost to the taxpayers, of a volunteer led and trained cadre of Simi Valley residents to answer question, find answers and direct people to get the services they need from City Hall.  “A city run and operated Ombudsman program, is still city run, responding to the needs of the city, not the citizens,” Huber noted.

He went on to say, a privately run, free service would represent the needs of the families and small businesses or Simi Valley, not the special interests or government..  “We already have a program run by the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce for the past 23 years that trains 12-20 people every year in how local government, and schools, are run.  For instance, why not go to the graduates of Leadership Simi Valley, and other citizens knowledgeable about local government and form an Ombudsman Committee–at no cost to the taxpayers?” Huber stated.

Bob Huber was clear, with a Town hall meeting monthly and a volunteer Ombudsman program, the people of Simi Valley will have a transparent government, and that is one of his goals as Mayor.

For further comment and discussion of this idea go to or call 805-526-9008.

7 thoughts on “Bob Huber Calls for Town Hall Meetings

  1. These items no doubt will cost taxpayers money and add yet more layers to City Government. Surprising that someone would propose things already costing taxpayers (and causing grief) in Los Angeles.

    So, we want more Los Angeles-style government in Simi Valley?

    Los Angeles Times, February 26, 2010

    Audit sought on probation ombudsman;
    County panel wants procedures examined to ensure complaints are investigated.

    By Molly Hennessy-Fiske

    The Los Angeles County Commission for Children and Families is calling for an audit of the county’s probation ombudsman and the grievance process for youths in detention halls and camps.

    The commission’s leader, Patricia Curry, sent a letter to supervisors Tuesday requesting an independent review of the ombudsman’s procedures, reports and phone service to ensure that complaints of mistreatment are investigated.

    The request follows a Times story about probation officers who were convicted of crimes or disciplined for inappropriate conduct involving current or former probationers, including several cases of officers molesting or beating youths in their care. The story also revealed that the phone number for the department’s ombudsman listed on websites and signs posted in the halls and camps had been inoperable. It was repaired after inquiries from The Times.

    Interim Probation Chief Cal Remington said the phone line was mistakenly shut off by probation staff for about two weeks during a cost-cutting review of unused lines because records showed the ombudsman never used it to make outside calls. He said department staff fixed the line as soon as they were alerted to the problem. “We certainly want kids and families to have access to our ombudsman,” Remington said, adding, “It shouldn’t happen again.”

    In addition to Curry’s request, Supervisors Zev Yaroslavsky and Mike Antonovich have proposed that the Office of Independent Review, which monitors the Sheriff’s Department, evaluate the Probation Department’s internal affairs and child abuse investigations. And, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas has proposed expanding the department’s internal affairs staff.

    The Daily News of Los Angeles, April 22, 2009

    Deputy named temporary ombudsman: The chief deputy of the Los Angeles County Department of Ombudsman was appointed Tuesday to take over temporarily as head of the department.

    The county Board of Supervisors appointed Stephanie Maxberry as acting ombudsman until a new ombudsman is hired.

    Maxberry, a longtime employee of the department, will take over for former Ombudsman John Fernandes, who was appointed to a senior post with the county CEO’s office last month.

    The Department of Ombudsman was created by the Board of Supervisors in 1993 to serve as an impartial forum for people who have complaints about other county departments.


  2. Gabe,
    apparently you didnt bother to even read this great idea. Not only is it NOT a government program……….but it also at NO cost. Nice try to spin it!


  3. Gabe,

    I think that Huber is proposing a “volunteer” program. We have plenty of citizen volunteer panels. For example for election oversight, also any time there is a general plan update there are volunteer panels that provide input. How about neighborhood council? Is that not volunteer?

    I think we can give the citizens of Simi Valley more credit – I think we are smarter Los Angeleans. 😉

    -Ted Mackel
    Simi Valley Resident


  4. Tom R – apparently you do not understand how government operates. Who will appoint these volunteers, the Mayor/King only? Is this the King and His Private Court?

    The appointment process alone will require expenditure of government resources. It would have to be advertised, reviewed, etc., all of which costs money.

    If it is not a government program then it is entirely separate, like a taxpayers association or any other private group, which could be formed today by anyone. (Note that few are in Simi Valley, because there is little demand since residents are mostly satisfied about the ability to get City information either by calling or emailing or by visiting a City website full of information).

    It’s not just about compensation for the people who serve, so whether or not they are unpaid volunteers is moot. Any time such a program comes in contact with the City — to hold meetings under its lights and with its heating, for City staff to gather responses to questions or information as requested, to take the time needed to respond to phone calls and emails etc. etc. etc. — it costs taxpayers money.

    You cannot say there will be NO cost, when there will be. For what benefit, that the Neighborhood Councils and all the other City volunteer panels are not already delivering? Mr. Mackel is right, there are a lot of them already. Name the topic, the City probably has a volunteer panel working on it.

    Grasp as you wish for an issue that will resonate, but in reality a vast majority of Simi Valley residents do not want to get engaged with City Hall. Less government is better government. Just give us a safe community with good streets; we’ll call when needed. Yet, here are election-time proposals for even more government?


  5. Maybe Mr. Huber should define “Town Hall Meeting”. Seems like he could just ask people to meet in Rancho Park to discuss any thoughts or concerns they may have about the City. Why does it have to be so complicated? I guess I am just naive.
    King and his private court?? You either have a grudge against Mr. Huber or are just very dramatic Gabe.


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