RR Electric Service Goes Above and Beyond

I enjoy sharing news and information about local politics because I think local government has an impact on the quality of life in Simi Valley. Today, it was apparent to me that it’s also the outstanding businesses in town that help make Simi Valley one of the best places to live.

I experienced amazing service today that compelled me to occupy the featured article space on this website.  These guys are good, and I couldn’t be happier that I chose to call them.

RR Electric to the rescue... they're also VERY skilled at parallel parking.

A mysterious electrical problem left me without lights in both of our bathrooms and our garage on Friday afternoon.  My less than novice knowledge on home electrical circuitry compelled me to call RR Electric Service.  Bright and early the next morning, I was greeted by Jose, an RR Electic Service Certified Repair Specialist.  After a few quick diagnostic checks using specialized equipment, Jose couldn’t say definitively what the problem was but his experience led him to believe the problem was related to inside wiring.  The only way to find the cause was to search the outlets and switches for problems, and based on the specific symptoms, he knew where to start looking.  Without wasting any time, Jose called for assistance and within minutes, I had two trucks parked in front of my house, each with the familiar RR Electric Service logo emblazoned on the side.

My home was built in 1964. I believe this was around the start of one of the early real estate build-outs in Simi Valley.  Back then, there was a significant amount of emphasis on starting and completing home building phases quickly.  There was a lot of open space in Simi Valley and the real estate developers were hot to build and sell homes as quickly as possible, so they could move on to their next series of projects.  Shortcuts were a temptation without a doubt, and while I’m not critical of the quality of our home, our new friend Jose did show us that some of the original electrical outlets in our house do not have sturdy electrical connections, as demonstrated by the cause of our problem — an overheated and burned out electrical outlet.

This outlet looks bad, and we're glad our house didn't burn down.

We shared other problems with Jose that we’ve experienced over the years, such as dimming lights when appliances turn on, and a strobe effect in the bathroom when the washing machine runs the spin cycle.  To make a long story short, Jose patiently worked with us to identify some of our power deficiencies, laid out a plan for fixing them, and based on his expectations and RR Electric’s track record for prompt turnaround, our house will be up to snuff and ready to power whatever we throw at it by the end of next week.  Not bad!

I highly recommend RR Electric Service in Simi Valley: (800) 510-4740

1 thought on “RR Electric Service Goes Above and Beyond

  1. Hi Mike,
    Not only does Richard (owner of RR Electic) do a fantastic job taking care of his clients, he is a very giving business as well. I know this first hand as he was a major sponsor of our Loving Heart Hospice Foundation 2nd Annual 5/10K Love Walk/Run yesterday at Rancho Tapo Park. It’s always small business that makes Simi Valley what it is………Thank you RR electric!


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