Bob Huber on East County Jail Closure


Simi Valley candidate for Mayor, Bob Huber, spoke at the Ventura County Board of Supervisors meeting today in defense of keeping the East County Jail open.

Due to the fiscal crisis facing the County and State, there is a possibility that financial considerations would cause the Supervisors to close the East County Jail, used by Simi Valley Police for bookings and detention.

If closed, the Simi Valley police would have to travel to the city of Ventura to perform the same procedures–each trip costing the safety of the people of Simi Valley four hours of protection by our men and women of law enforcement.

Huber noted four reasons to keep the East County Jail open:

1.  There are four entities that will be impacted by the closure of the East County Jail: City of Moorpark, City of Simi Valley, City of Thousand Oaks and Moorpark College (Ventura County Community College District Police Department).

2.  Simi Valley Police Chief Mike Lewis said recently in the newspaper that if the East County Jail is closed it will take an officer off the street for approximately four hours which includes booking.

3.  Typically in the City of Simi Valley there are six to eight patrol vehicles during a shift.  If, for instance, two officers make arrests and have to travel to Ventura to the jail it will significantly reduce the response times to calls for service in Simi Valley.

4.  Sheriff elect Geoff Dean has stated that he will make every effort when reviewing the budget to find a way if possible to keep the East County Jail open.

Bob Huber told the Board of Supervisors, “I understand the tough economic times and we, The City of Simi Valley, The Ventura County Community College District and the County, are dependent upon Sacramento.  I request that the Board make every effort to find a way to avoid closing the East County Jail.  The safety of the people of Simi Valley is the first responsibility of government.”

Huber is asking Simi Valley city officials to join him in publicly calling for the continued use of the East County Jail.  “This is a matter of public safety, not politics.  While revenue is limited we need to maximize the use of our law enforcement officers.  Traveling from Simi Valley to Ventura and back is a waste of important policing efforts.”

18 thoughts on “Bob Huber on East County Jail Closure

  1. Chandler, how much do you get paid to be Huber’s personal PR representative? Is it enough to afford a conscience?


  2. I appreciate Mr. Huber’s comments. I will bet the other Mayoral candidates, in fact every Simi Valley candidate, supports keeping the east valley jail open. I can’t understand the carping above and instead encourage others to reach out to elected officials provide the east county its fair share of services.


  3. Isn’t this really just an opportunistic political maneuver? Sheriff Geoff Dean was supported by Simi Valley Chief of Police Lewis because of his commitment to keep East County Jail open. This comes off to me as just a way for Bob Huber to show that he is proactive in these matters. If he weren’t running for mayor, there would be no reason at all for him to make an appeal to the Board of Supervisors.


  4. You have a candidate for Mayor getting involved and being proactive about the policies and budgets affecting the City he wants to serve. Seems like a winner to me.


  5. Did Hubris actually write and distribute a news release on this? That’s hilarious!

    Simi Valley officials have said everything he said a thousand times over. And over. Every year we hear the same things, and the jail never closes.

    New Slogan: Leadership Without a Clue.


  6. According to this press release, Huber was also speaking to the Supervisors as Chair of the College district representing the impact on the College police, as well as being a Mayoral candidate. Sheriff elect Dean campaigned on the closure of the jail being a low priority but was NOT off the table. So making an appeal to the Supervisors (especially the 2 newly re-elected) seems like a great way to start the budget priority discussion and ENSURE the East County jail stays open. Kudos to Huber for being an engaged advocate for our City!


  7. Like I have said before Gabe obviously has either a grudge against Mr. Huber or is very dramatic. Not to mention very disrespectful. I still have not made up my mind but hate is a turn off. Are you supporting Mr. Sojka Gabe? Just curious as it is clear you are not supporting Mr. Huber.


  8. Matty, I couldn’t agree with you more. There have been some very meanspirited comments towards Huber. I can’t believe any canididate wants that type of supporter.


  9. The biggest question here is taxes, and governmental costs.

    I see no solutions to the rising public employee costs.

    Costs are exploding, and only one candidate keeps proposing MORE government programs.


  10. Jim Diven: If you are suggesting that people shouldn’t support Steve Sojka because of the comments on this website, or that Steve Sojka should somehow be responsible for the nature of these comments, you have a STRANGE position.

    On another note, your IP address suggests that “Jim Diven” and “Mark Zinger” are the same poster. Are you both sitting at the same computer, or should I call Bob Huber’s Campaign to task for the questionable tactics of his supporters too?

    Let’s clean it up, fellas.


  11. Mark Zinger: those are pretty words. But we are still waiting for Bob Huber to explain how the College District laid off 144+ employees, in 5 months — think about that number for a moment — on his watch.

    Just a few hundreds of days, 12 x 12 jobs, positions, eliminated. No leadership to avoid that. Good work.


  12. if your going to call out the Huber commenters and not the Sojka commenters, then dont expect any readers in the future. say it with me: UN FAIR!


  13. Back on subject, I’m not sure why this news should be praised. Bob Huber never would have approached the board of supervisors otherwise and did so ONLY as an opportunity for press. If he was always this proactive, that would be one thing but he hasn’t been. When has Bob Huber EVER taken steps like these when he wasn’t trying to get elected as Mayor? Huber’s supporters are ignoring the point that he did this only for press.


  14. This is a press release from the campaign headquarters, its is in a couple places. I agree that it comes off more as a statement of opportunity. I do not see it as “proactive” as others have stated, it’s more like his chance to jump up on something already on the minds of current leaders.


  15. @James, @JFarrar, Fair enough. I think the point brought up by other posters here is that people take comfort knowing that Bob Huber is involving himself in these issues and they take it as a sign that he understands the important issues that face the city. My question to you is what reaction would you have if the Steve Sojka Campaign released a similar announcement before this one?


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