Keith Mashburn for Simi Valley City Council

I just spoke to Keith Mashburn who announced that he’s running for Simi Valley City Council.  When he initially contacted me, I knew immediately who he was because I recall the quotes from him regarding the Candlelight Nightclub issues that I wrote about a while back.  As a member of the Simi Valley Planning Commission, Keith Mashburn is someone who is definitely tuned in to Simi Valley current events.

Our conversation was brief, but I can tell that Keith is a genuine guy.  He expressed real satisfaction that voters will have a choice in both City Council Candidates as well as Candidates for Mayor.  With so many candidates, including two popular incumbents, I pointed out that it was definitely a long road ahead.  With confidence, he simply replied, “I’m up to the task!”  I believe him.

Keith Mashburn is currently putting together his campaign materials, including his website.  When that information is ready, I’ll link to it.  I sincerely hope that Keith opts to take advantage of the beneficial “network effect” of the social media tools, such as Facebook.

Best wishes to Keith and to his campaign.  As I receive updates from the Keith Mashburn camp, I’ll post them here!

3 thoughts on “Keith Mashburn for Simi Valley City Council

  1. Laura,

    I would first like to explain that I don’t look at my running for council as an attempt to unseat anyone as I feel that they (incumbent) have no special right to the position. I view this as a job opening and I, along with others, have chosen to apply. The Simi Valley voters will review the applications and select the applicant they feel is best suited for the job. I am opposed to the practice of council appointments. I doubt that I would be considered for the appointment if one occurs. If an appointment was offered to me, I would refuse that offer. I understand the convenient argument of saving taxpayer dollars by not having a special election. I feel the voter/taxpayer would be better served if the appointment went to someone who would not, and could not, run for election at the end of the appointed term. This is not about me. This is about the voter/taxpayer and how democracy should work for them. My decision to run was independent with the exception of my wife. Thanks for sharing your opinion and thanks to Mike for this opportunity to respond.



  2. Keith Mashburn is an idiot. All you have to do is watch him on the planning commission. Unless there is a discussion about fire, he’s totally enept. He’s a wanna be and he never will be. Sorry


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