Mayor Candidates on Facebook

The Candidates for Mayor are both on Facebook, each as individuals and as campaigners.  I really enjoy seeing the candidates embracing this technology. It’s a terrific way to interact with the voters and I think will serve them both well.

If you’re interested in following the candidates’ campaign efforts on Facebook, take a look at the links below.

11 thoughts on “Mayor Candidates on Facebook

  1. Let’s start a contest to look into how many Facebook fans are actually from Simi Valley, or at lease 18 years old. Counting Facebook fans is irrelavant if those fans cannot vote.


  2. I disagree with any suggestion that either candidate bought fans. Brian Dennert threw out the challenge to get to 1000 fans and Huber’s supporters hit up their friends and family to all “fan” the page. That’s really it.


  3. “That’s really it.”

    Sure, that’s really it. and while you happened to do some free unpaid technical troubleshooting for Bob Huber he just happens to get over 1000 fans. that’s really it. Right!


  4. Under ordinary circumstances, only the administrator of a fan page can generate the HTML code to publish a fan box on another website. But recently, Facebook included a tool in their developer documentation to do it. I think the Huber crew was having trouble generating the link and Brian advised them to follow-up with me. I used the new details in the documentation to generate the HTML and that was that.

    It was a small deal actually.


  5. I am still wondering how Mr. Sojka was able to get almost 2,000 votes in the poll posted on Brian Dennerts site but he can’t manage to get 1,000 fans? Why would those same 2,000 people that voted for him in the poll not become fans? I wonder if they were paid to vote in that poll??


  6. @Mike C: Thanks! It took me all of about 2 seconds and I would have done it for any candidate.

    @matty: The trouble with those polls is despite their countermeasures, you can manipulate the results if you’re so inclined. It used to be embarrassingly simple with PollDaddy, but I think they’ve tightened things up since then. I don’t believe candidates are actively responsible for things like that when they happen. I tend to believe over-zealous supporters are the ones who do things like that, if that’s actually what happened here.


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