Huber Campaign Holds Off on Signs

Despite the city ordinance allowing signs  to be posted at this point before the election, the Huber for Mayor Campaign says it won’t do it according to this release:

Thank you to all of you that have inquired on the status of our campaign signs.  We are extremely grateful for your continued support and interest in our campaign.  While the City ordinance allows for 120 days prior to the election to display political signs we are concerned the citizens of Simi Valley would resent looking at them for four (4) full months prior to the election.

The opinion section of the July 9 Acorn states “We hope future candidates will have the courage to just say no to these billboards of blight and instead focus on the issues, not on name recognition”.

While we will not be able to ignore the significance of putting up signs in the near future we hope you share our view of keeping our City free of extra signs as long as possible out of respect for the feelings of our citizens.

When the time comes please let us know if you are interested in volunteering to put up signs, talking to the businesses you frequent about putting up a sign, or placing a sign in your yard.  Please feel free to reply to this e-mail or contact us at 805-526-9008.

The Huber folks make reference to this quote in the Simi Valley Acorn:

We hope future candidates will have the courage to just say no to these billboards of blight and instead focus on the issues, not on name recognition.

I agree.  I hope both sides can do this, and I’d propose including endorsements in this as well.  Endorsements are as meaningful as name recognition, but so far both have been the basis of most discussions about these candidates.

Cheers to Bob Huber for holding off! I’ll be curious to see if this is a move that pays off for his campaign.

11 thoughts on “Huber Campaign Holds Off on Signs

  1. The signs I’ve seen so far have been put up respectfully and very nicely. We don’t have problems like too many little signs in parkways or on corners, or signs placed so fast that the wind makes them start falling down. So far from what I see I hope the way the signs are placed continues. I’ve only seen Sojka and Judge signs so far. It’s not that big of a deal. I bet those that don’t have them up have sour grapes because they just don’t have their signs yet.

    I respect the fact that property owners feel so strongly about a candidate that they allow signs on their property. It’s a strong statement for the candidate.


  2. Although I respect the viewpoints of other candidates, I am encouraged to see campaign signs in support of Steve Sojka.

    It tells us that the citizens of Simi Valley feel very strongly about the future of our great community by showing their support early in the campaign.

    We live in a great city! It’s wonderful that our citizens are getting involved to keep it that way.


  3. I appreciate the early comments on this post. I didn’t expect to hear from anyone on a Sunday night! 🙂

    I agree with the notion that the campaign signs are thoughtfully placed and don’t represent a problem for the community. The recent editorial in the Simi Valley Acorn on the topic surprised me a little, especially since no one made a peep several weeks back when our city was Foy sign central.

    I think this election will be hugely competitive throughout and don’t want to see any candidate at a disadvantage in response to an editorial or a few comments here and there. I hope Bob Huber changes his mind on this topic and gets some signs posted — not everyone reads blogs or subscribes to campaign newsletters, after all.


  4. I don’t dislike the visual of the signs around the city, it really isn’t that much of an eyesore for the couple months they’re up.

    What I do dislike is that local elections seem to be won and lost on who has the most signage. I think the majority of voters don’t have any clue about the issues but vote more based upon who’s name they recognize most on the ballot, and I would guess that recognition comes primarily from putting up signs.

    I appreciate Huber’s gesture of holding off on putting up signs, but unfortunately that’s probably not the way to win this election, signs are!


  5. Four months is too long. It would be a great gesture that after the election if the city council shorten time down to 45-60 days.

    With the internet marketing that can be accomplished now and the easy ways it is to touch voters through social media, voter do not need a sign to tell them how to vote.

    What is more exciting is that the Paper (print media) no longer can manipulate our elections anymore.


  6. Outrage over signs? Please Huber, send a photo of all your signs sitting in the warehouse. Just ordered, right? Let us know when the phony outrage is over and your order comes in.


  7. So Bob Huber didnt have his signs ready and put this letter out so his ill-prepared campaign looks like its screwing up as a favor to the community? I dont believe it at all, but its clever!!! LOL!!


  8. This story about Huber not posting signs out of respect for the community is silly. According to The Acorn Newspaper (its delivered free every week) Bob Huber is going to put up his signs 90 days before the election and not 120 like Steve Sojka. WOW what a difference, SO much respect. Neither of these guys blows my skirt up to be truthfull. This looks like games on both sides. I plan to write in Paul Miller’s name.


  9. I think it is very funny that someone would point to something as insignificant as the opinion section of a free newspaper to steer their campaign… That alone says something about the lack of leadership and vision of this candidate. Also, ask Poisner how well it worked to be second out of the gate to a candidate that is better qualified.


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