SojkaVision On the Air

I have a real appreciation for online video! Here’s a good one from Team Sojka, recently published on their new YouTube channel named SojkaVision.

The video was produced by Don Norris who does great work. I’ve seen his pictorial videos before and I think they are fantastic presentations. Nice work Don!

13 thoughts on “SojkaVision On the Air

  1. Mike,

    I’m curious as to what you find so appealing in this video. Sojka is a 12 year encumbent and this video doesn’t address any substantive issues whatsoever. Your the one who keeps saying that this race should be about issues and I agree.

    Also, dont you think its just a bit odd that Sojka keeps referencing his Dad being a Police Chief in all of campaign ads. No disrespect to his Dad, but come on, stand on your own 2 feet. I dont care if your Dad was President. I’m voting for what YOU will do as Mayor. Not what your parents did. By the way. What if a candidate had a parent who was a convicted felen. Should that matter either? I’d say no.

    And lastly. The end of the video says ” integrity matters”. Obviously the suggestion is that Huber doesnt have as much intregrity or his is somehow in question. Thats a subtle way to start taking negative shots at Huber. Is that some insight as to the tone of this campaign going forward? I for one, can’t stand dirty mudslinging politics and don’t think it will play here in Simi Valley at all. It certainly didn’t work for Audra Strickland or jim Dantona.


  2. Hi Paul,

    I tried to keep my remarks simple on the video because it really is simple. I really enjoy online video and I think the tools that are available for editing as well as distribution are ground-breaking. Don’s video above does wonders with still pictures. I love it! I wasn’t necessarily referring to the content or message because I haven’t seen a video from either candidate that really targets specific issues.

    On that note, Bob Huber’s street fair video also was lightly criticized for the same reason, in that it didn’t cut to the heart of the issues. However, I very much enjoyed that video as well. I thought the presentation was fun and polished. But again, due to the content of these videos, I’m looking at it from a different perspective than you are.

    Regarding the content of this video and the message of “integrity matters” — I would suspect that the official position is that Sojka has integrity and that integrity matters. However, I can see how you would take it that way and it’s possible that they wanted you to take it that way. I honestly don’t know. But I’ve seen a lot of that so far, and I suspect we’ll see more.

    Initially, I interpreted Bob Huber’s decision not to post signs early out of respect for the community to mean that he believes Sojka is being disrespectful to the community. That may not be the official position, but it’s certainly easy to draw that conclusion. I agree that it’s subtle, which is why I wouldn’t necessarily call it mud-slinging. Not yet anyway. Watch the California Governor candidates go at each other… That’s mud slinging!

    Now that you’ve raised the point, I’d be curious to know if this video is considered an official campaign video or simply a video produced and published by a supporter. The impression I got was that it was a campaign video. I’ll see if I can get clarification on that.


  3. Regarding Paul’s statement, “come on, stand on your own 2 feet”: tell Huber to drop all support he gets from Gallegly.

    Elton Gallegly is Bob Huber’s daddy.


  4. I don’t see it as mudslinging at all to have Bob Huber explain how he has filed lawsuits against the City of Simi Valley.

    When you get right down to integrity, you ask yourself as a resident, “Would I do something to hurt my City and the taxpayers that support it?”

    It is a very deep question to ask, including professionally. I have a hard time believing someone who says they always have the best interests of Simi Valley in mind would file harmful lawsuits against that very same entity.

    A lawyer can say all they want that it was just representing a client, but I don’t buy it. All lawyers can turn down cases.

    Huber could make it easier and avoid what some of his supporters consider “mudslinging” by coming right out and apologizing for the lawsuits, particularly the last one. And, perhaps, offering to pay the cost that local taxpayers had to fund for all the unnecessary legal costs.

    If you want more “intellectual” debates, Paul, let’s have them. Why the lawsuits? How much did they cost local taxpayers?

    Asking a candidate to answer very valid questions is not mudslinging. And we readers of this blog have many more questions to ask Mr. Huber. Among them, why does he keep saying he “oversees” the college district budget when he’s not even on the College Board committee responsible for overssing the college district budget.


  5. Its ridiculous that you demand an explanation of the lawsuits against the city. Bob Huber had a responsibility to his clients and his business partner to participate in those lawsuits. It doesn’t take a genius to know that Bob Huber was bothered through the entire thing because of his love for the city. He has a business and responsibility and the right to put food on his table like everyone else! I love that you expect him to travel in time to the past to turn away business so he can win your approval as mayor!!

    Sojkas not right for the job and its simple as that. Bob Huber has my vote.


  6. His “love for the city” should disqualify him as a suitable lawyer for a client with a lawsuit against Simi Valley and he should have declined to represent.


  7. The video was ok. All fluff and no stuff is how both of them (Huber AND Sojka) are with their literature, news, videos, etc., etc. Better get used to it Linda.


  8. Thanks for the feedback! and for the GREAT new nickname!! ROL!!!

    I’ve dealt professionally with both Bob Huber and Steve Sojka. While both, on the surface, are exceptional candidates, I have personal experience with Mr. Huber, which has led me to have deep concerns- and reservations, about Bob’s leadership abilities.

    Out of respect for all parties concerned, I will bite my tongue, and hopefully open up some eyes with more visuals as the candidates get into the granular debate of the mayoral (and related) races – I promise.



  9. Tim, I will share with you off-line- or – you can ask Elton or Bob directly. Because of the depth and complexity of the issue. My fluffy lips are sealed.


  10. Mike C.: Are you referring to the comments on YouTube on this particular video? Because the only one who has access to delete comments on THIS site are me, and the only ones I delete are those impersonating candidates.

    Just wanted to make sure!


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