Michelle Foster Files First for City Council

By now, we’ve heard who intends to run for Simi Valley City Council because they’ve filed their intent to run with the city and I’ve discussed them here or we’ve read about them in the newspapers. The only one I haven’t spoken about is Glenn Williams, though I’ve had a chance to reach out to him and establish contact and we’ll be speaking in more detail soon. There’s a significant group of people expressing their intent to run this election.

Michelle Foster with fellow Councilmembers Glen Becerra (left) and Steve Sojka (right)

Among the group is Michelle Foster who is currently a member of the City Council. I spoke recently about her campaign kick-off. Michelle Foster, like most of the other candidates for City Council, had her nomination papers issued on July 12th. Her papers were filed with the city on July 16th, making her the first City Council candidate to officially file. Candidates have an opportunity between the time that paperwork is issued to the cut off date when the papers are due to conduct due dilligence. It’s an opportunity to research voter concerns and test the waters on fundraising efforts before officially committing to the task. I see this prompt response as Michelle Foster showing her complete confidence in her campaign and her current position as a City Councilmember.

I encourage you to read more about Michelle Foster and her campaign by going to her website. You can get to her website by clicking here. Or follow her campaign on Facebook. I’ve included a link to her campaign’s Facebook page below.

Check in at VoteSimiValley.com during the next several weeks. I intend to follow-up with Scott Miller and Glenn Williams, two candidates who have expressed intent to run but as of Friday haven’t yet pulled their nomination papers. Also, I hope to have more of an introduction to Glenn Williams, the new-comer and enthusiastic businessman and community volunteer.


6 thoughts on “Michelle Foster Files First for City Council

  1. Wow!!! Jumping into a race first without knowing who may jump in is impressive. Leaders like that don’t come along too often. Margaret Thatcher anyone?


  2. I just think Michelle Foster is wonderful. She is involved in all the programs that really mean something to me and my family, and to the community also.


  3. I’m rough on both candidates for SV Mayor, but Foster is a class act. Ask her straight up about city financial matters — get a straight answer. If Sojka and Huber want to run a serious campaign, they should hook up with Foster and learn something. She’s getting another four years easy. And she deserves it.


  4. LOL! Margaret Thatcher may be over the top, but I agree with the statements here, Michelle Foster gets it. I didn’t know she had a website I just checked it out. Very impressive.


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