No Candidate Campaign Disclosures Public Yet?

Two years ago, the city of Simi Valley promptly published candidate campaign disclosure statements on the city website. The information was fascinating, to say the least. Not to mention the fact that it raised a lot of questions about campaign financing, what was legal and what was not.

We’re approaching the month of August and no current campaign disclosure statements are available on the city website. We might be able to get copies of them if we show up to the City Clerk’s office in person, but the purpose of a website is to provide information like this simply, quickly and in a cost effective way. If you go to the City Clerk’s page on the website, you’ll see a link to the disclosure statements from last election.

Hey, City of Simi Valley! We want to see how these candidates are having their campaigns funded! Get those disclosure statements online!

UPDATE: Steve Sojka, Candidate for Simi Valley Mayor, just clued me in. Thank you, Mr. Sojka! He said:

The reason the financial statements are not on the website is because the filing period doesn’t close until August 2nd for City Council and August 11th for Mayor.

In that case, I’ll close with a resounding “nevermind!”

The reason the financial statements are not on the website is because the filing period doesn’t close until August 2nd for City Council and August 11th for Mayor.

5 thoughts on “No Candidate Campaign Disclosures Public Yet?

  1. As of June 30, 2010, I have received $0 contributions, I have made $0 in expenditures, I have incurred $0 in debt obligations, and I have obtained $0 in loans.

    That being said, I intend to loan myself the following sums for this election cycle over the next 60 days:

    Approx $800 for an advertising wrap to my van;

    Approx $3500 in local newspaper advertising;

    Approx $500 for signs and bumper stickers.

    In addition, I will be seeking support to pay for mailers and telephone banks on the back end in the 10 days or so prior to the election. Without support I will not be able to pay for the last minute crunch needed to win. For this help I will be looking to Simi Valley and East Ventura County Democrats as well as Independent minded Simi Valley residents.

    A Democrat can win in Simi if local Democrats just get out and vote. The statistics are that approximately 40% or so of Simi Valley registered voters are Democrats and there is only 1 Democrat running out of a field of 6 candidates for 2 City Council positions. Simple math says Demo’s can win if they want to, even in Simi.

    Mitch Green (D)
    Candidate, Simi Valley City Council


  2. So it doesn’t matter if you have a platform or something to offer the city, all that’s important is that dem’s vote for you???
    Now there’s exactly the reason why some of these “candidates” shouldn’t be running. They don’t have a clue as to what’s going on in the community, only that if they get the support of their party( Rep’s or Dems) they can win. Wow, if that isn’t scary, I don’t know what is.


  3. Shadow,

    I’ve posted my bio and platform in this blog previously. I’m a 34 year veteran of government service with 27 years in the military and 7 1/2 years as the Simi Valley Assistant City Attorney for Civil Litigation. And, I have a plan to get elected and I’m doing my best to do just that, get elected so that I may continue to serve my community. Nothing scary about that at all. And, when you consider that every other currently declared candidate for office and every current incumbent in office in Simi Valley is a Republican, what’s wrong with asking my fellow Democrats to help get me elected? I’m qualified for office and I’m willing to serve and I know my way around City Hall.

    Mitch Green
    Candidate, Simi Vally City Council


  4. Why Shadow, I’ve been waiting for someone to bring this up.

    For the record: I’ve maintained a motorhome residence in Simi Valley since I separated from my first wife, starting at the County Oak Park out on the west end of Los Angeles Avenue. A few months later I moved to the Rocky Village RV Park at 6502 Katherine Road, Simi Valley, where I’ve now been for almost 3 ½ years. I also own a house in Castaic with my ex which I don’t spend much time at and I own a house in the Knolls with my current wife where I do spend time. (It’s a very nice big house with views from each direction about 100 feet outside City limits). In addition I’ve rented a house in Simi Valley and a town house in Valencia during the same time frame. All the while maintaining my motorhome at the RV park on Katherine Road.

    And today my motorhome at the RV park on Katherine is my official residence, my “man cave,” my soon to be campaign headquarters and my retreat for times of reflection.

    Mike, stop by for a beer sometime. It’s the classic Silver Streak in silver and gold with a yellow awning.


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