Open Letter to Challengers

To the Simi Valley City Council Challengers:

Times are changing and technology now allows you to reach out to a much greater audience. Simi Valley voters are interested in who you are and what you’re about. Some of you will post campaign signs, send mailers and knock on doors. But if you don’t get your message out to enough voters and don’t compel them to vote for you by addressing the issues, you will NOT be victorious.

Voters are ready to hear what you have to say. They’re ready to hear what you don’t like about the sitting Council. They want to know what issues concern you, and how you intend to fix them. You can call the City Council names and suggest they aren’t effective, but if you don’t explain why that is and what you’re going to do about it, you WILL lose.

I have offered all City Council Challengers the opportunity to speak live via an audio stream on the internet, broadcasted from this website. So far, only Council Candidate Mitch Green has agreed to participate.  I am moving forward with Mr. Green to coordinate this live, real-time discussion with him on the issues that matter to him and what he intends to do to address them. Anyone who knows how to point their browser to this website will have access to listen to the live broadcast.

If any additional challengers for Simi Valley City Council wish to participate, please let me know.  If you have no intention to respond, I strongly urge you to reconsider.

Good luck!

19 thoughts on “Open Letter to Challengers

  1. I asked one of the challengers a question on the dump more than a month ago and they haven’t responded. I am not yet convinced this will be a close election.


  2. And they aren’t going to Brian, because they don’t understand it. This is perhaps one of the biggest issues facing the county and everyone is sticking their head in the sand. Speaks volumns about leadership doesn’t it?


  3. Shadow, I can tell you that two candidates have contacted the Landfill Task Force and requested a meeting, which we complied with, so there is some interest and I am sure they will be taking a stand afterf they have gathered all the facts.


  4. Shadow,

    On June 8 I stated on this website that I would oppose the dump expansion plans.

    While that might be sticking one’s head out, that is certainly not sticking one’s head in the sand.


  5. I also oppose the dump’s expansion plans. Most of us at one time or another, if the winds were right, have smelled the dump from the 118. I’m not going to pretend, that at this time, I can present to you an acceptable solution to the limited space issues that our dump is facing. Take into consideration the effects of a population increase from 100,000 to 125,000 over the last ten years.


  6. The capacity of the dump won’t be an issued until 2034. The position of the Simi Valley Landfill Task Force is NOT to close the dump. It is to stop the expansion where by allowing Waste Management to accept garbage from San Bernardino, Palm Springs, Orange County and points beyond. We recognize that we have a responsibility to take care of Ventura County trash, and if we continue to do that it will be quite some time before we need to expand. If this dump is allowed to expand, residents traveling from the City of Moorpark to Simi Valley will not be able to see White Face Mountain as we see it now because the height of the dump will be so tall as to obstruct its view. If allowed to expand it will be the second tallest man-made structure in Ventura County. It is our belief that San Bernardino County, Orange and Los Angeles County should be responsible for taking care of their own garbage, not the residents of Ventura County. It is estimated that approximately $6,000,000 will see its way into the County coffers if this expansion is allowed to go forward. And last but not least, the environmental document (EIR) firmly states that there is no reason for the expansion at this time, so what is the rush? In a word; money, it all comes down to money, and not for the residents of Simi Valley. The only ones who profit are Waste Management and the County’s general fund. There is a lot more information on this issue and what I’ve mentioned is just the tip of the ice berg. The Simi Valley Landfill Task Force has worked very hard to bring this information to the general public. There is nothing in this for us, other than to make sure both sides of this expansion are heard. There is a five hundred pound gorilla in the room folks and it’s not the task force.


  7. Thank you Barbra for the information on the dump expansion plans. Is there a link that you can direct the readers to where they can find more information on this important issue?


  8. Hi Mitch,
    Unfortunately the Task Force has not had the time to keep up a website. Of course you can view the latest EIR by logging onto the County’s site. The Task Force will probably be holding another publice meeting at the Library in the near future to up date the public.So watch for the announcement. Thanks for asking.


  9. Can we get an update on this? Is Mitch Green the only candidate who will participate in this live stream talk on the internet? When is this scheduled for?


  10. No the live audio stream with the candidates discussing issues. I wanted to know who all is in this and when its scheduled for


  11. Hi James,

    So far, Mitch Green has expressed an interest in participating. No word yet from the other candidates challenging the incumbents.

    I’d like to give the offer a little more time before I set a date and time.


  12. I must take exception to your claim that “I have offered all City Council Challengers the opportunity to speak live via an audio stream on the internet, broadcasted from this website” since you have not contacted me and I suspect not contacted others, but instead think and expect that all just know about your site and your “offer”.


  13. My name was published in the Ventura County Star and the information was also available at City Hall, I will be part of the discussion.

    One aspect which does not seem to get understood is that the City Council needs to provide a fair hearing of the issues. If a City Council member gets involved with a group that has a specific goal, outside of the City Council, then there is a conflict of interest and that member will NOT be able to take part in the decision and will not be able to do their job as elected. This has already happen with members of the current City Council.

    In the case of any decision, it should be that it is in the best interest of the community. If there are negative aspects, then those issues should be addressed at the proper time and place, not by going rogue and doing anything you feel like. A City Council member should be fair and objective and not take sides in advance of it being heard in a public meeting before the City Council.

    How would you feel about going before a judge when you heard the judge making statements that the judge had already made up their mind? Such actions could also put the City at risk of a lawsuit. Perhaps all the lawsuits and costs could be disclosed to the public.


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