Thoughts on Comments

In the past several days, I’ve considered seriously taking this website offline. I’ve been fortunate enough to find a new friend who graciously showed me the misstep I was about to take.

The comments need to be turned around. I’m comfortable with the remarks tossed in my direction, but when people I consider to be community leaders and personal friends prefer to stay away instead of join the conversation, then this becomes pointless for me.

Pseudonyms make us say what we ordinarily wouldn’t in public. That’s fine if what you have to say is really moving or particularly relevant. But if it’s just a personal shot at someone else, then I don’t want it here. Consider that before you hit the Submit Comment button.

I’ve banned a few commentators today in the hopes of restoring order. Please try to be respectful of this website’s “main thing” as well as the requests of our candidates to show support while keeping it civil. You can read their positions on negative comments by clicking the hyperlinks that appear right above the box where you submit your comments.

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Thoughts on Comments

  1. You don’t think taking teh whole blog down is an over reaction? Just police the comments more and the trouble makers will scatter. Take away the toys and they disappear.


  2. Do you moderate comments? I know that sucks in a way because you have to read everything but if you moderate then you can in fact delete bad comments, delete inappropriate things from comments, and basically control how out of control things get.


  3. Good for you Mike,

    I know you’ve tried to let this blog run free, but remember the lesson from Lord of the Flies. Left unchecked, the bullies and heathens will take over. A little dramatic, but you get my point.


  4. Mike,

    What I have found is that two sides in a campaign will complain about the comments from the other side, meanwhile some of their most public supporters will get vicious behind a screen name. Have you found that to be true?


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