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The high profile negotiations between the City of Simi Valley and Simi Valley Police Officers Association have reached a new milestone. Here’s the latest according to the city website:

The City of Simi Valley announced today that it has reached agreement with the Simi Valley Police Officers’ Association (SVPOA) to revise and extend the current labor contract for a three-year term. The term of the contract, originally set to expire on December 31, 2010, will run from August 2, 2010 through June 30, 2013. The revised contract is a reflection of the tough economy and need to cut labor costs while achieving the City Council’s goal of maintaining the maximum possible level of public law enforcement services.

This effectively extends the 3.43% salary decrease that was effective in July of 2009 for another three years. Additionally, the new terms include modifications to various medical benefits, specialty assignments and opens the door for discussions regarding PERS retirement contributions by new officers.


Mayor Paul Miller expressed his sincere concern on Saturday night at Steve Sojka’s campaign fundraiser regarding the safe keeping of our city’s finances in the wake of the City of Bell Scandal. Mayor Miller indicated his desire to do whatever was needed to keep from having to pay for another city’s mistake.

According to the City website:

Bell’s Police Chief, Randy Adams, is reported to have drawn an annual salary of $457,000, many times in excess of a normal salary for a Police Chief in California and, if permitted to receive a pension based on that salary, there have been insufficient contributions made into the CalPERS system to provide for the unanticipated, inflated pension. Under CalPERS’ actuarial practices, the additional funding needed to cover those pension costs would be apportioned among the cities where Adams spent some of his career, including the cities of Simi Valley, Ventura, and Glendale.

To protect its taxpayers against the irresponsible actions of another jurisdiction, the Simi Valley City Council is taking a proactive stance in pursuing all avenues to prevent Simi Valley from bearing any costs attributable to Adams’ employment by the City of Bell.

I’m pleased by Paul Miller’s immediate and proactive response. This is an important issue to me and I intend to follow it closely as it continues to develop.

15 thoughts on “Big Simi Valley News

  1. What part about the Mayor’s response was proactive and Immediate, I’m sorry did I miss something. If I did miss the Immediate and Proactive response, what difference does it make; his pay was legal and agreed to in a binding contract. Are you suggesting that Mr. Adams came by his salary illegally, because that would be news to most of us. Was his pay exorbitant yes, illegal no. So no matter what the city is going to have to pay into the CALPERS system to make up for the bump in his pension, that was given to him legally. Make no mistake Do I like what happened in Bell? NO. But Mr. Adams was a good police Chief one of the best this city ever had so let’s not disparage his service because a possibly corrupt city manager and an obviously inept elected Council and Mayor and an electorate that was asleep at the wheel allowed this to go on. Make No Mistake when the elected allow the hired to create their own little empires because that is the easy way, that is where corruption begins.


  2. I don’t see anything here about Adams being a bad police chief or obtaining his salary illegally, Mr. Judge. Defensive much?

    Bob Huber is what the city needs to safe guard Simi Valley from scandalous problems like salary and poor police relations. Thats why this is the most important election in our town’s history. Community service and true passion and an eagle eye, that is why Bob Huber has my vote.


  3. Judge gets a pass if he is harsh because he’s real. He straight up goes after them and calls them out, thats why he got my vote 3 months before the big day lol!!!

    The city does have to pay up no matter what. That is how it works in these situations. I also think that they should ATTEMPT to do something. I see a lawsuit to make Bell liable seems pretty fricken fair if you ask me.


  4. I’m sorry I think the point I was trying to make was lost. This blog has a slobbering love affair with the incumbents in our City Government and the incumbents attack squirrels are thick as thieves on this blog site almost as many as are on Dennert’s and probably the same. That was the first point. I wasn’t being defensive I was being offensive.

    There is nothing the city let alone the Mayor can do if Adams didn’t break the law; it’s one of those pesky little problems that come with our states broken pension system. Whether it was unethical or not I don’t know because I don’t know what the pay to benefits ratio was I’m not even sure if the biased media reported the correct salary, I mean take home pay.
    The second point was that Bell’s problem could be our problem soon. The city manager of Bell was that cities Government the elected officials were either acquiescing, in cahoots or just asleep at the wheel, this allowed that City Manager to do what he did and all that City Government did was rubber stamp it most likely because they were along for the ride.
    Is that happening in Simi? You tell me, we have a city manager that tried to break the SVPD POA ability to have a say in the way Police Officers take days off and vacations etc. Did any of the current City Council members know that’s what was going on and if they did were they acquiescing, in cahoots or asleep at the wheel? And you thought the Officers were just mad about a pay cut.
    I was told by one of the Councilmember’s that if a small business owner has a problem getting through our cities intense non business friendly planning and permitting bureaucracy that the business owner needs to get hold of a city council member to help. I thought that was very admirable of that councilmember to take the time to want to help a business owner but both of us agreed that was not the way it was suppose to work.
    So I have to ask again because it seems that all of the councilmember’s knew that there was a big serious problem in with our town having a very unfriendly business reputation for a very long period of time. Why was nothing done about till just before this election. Not to say that what they’re doing now isn’t much more that lip service. Were they acquiescing, in cahoots or asleep at the wheel?
    Now I propose that we elect a new City Council made up of proven leaders like myself. We have a chance to replace three seats. Let’s make that a reality.


  5. Mike,

    To clarify, Paul Miller told me last week that he didn’t want to lie down on the issue. Days later, the city indicated they were pursuing possible channels of legal recourse. I interpreted that as a swift response and him being true to his word. I realize it’s open to interpretation.


  6. Mike,

    We posted at the same time, so I have to respond to the love affair remark.

    The incumbents talk to me and allow me to be a channel to communicate their position on issues. You do not. That’s probably why you feel that way.

    I’m coordinating an online discussion with Mitch Green and Keith Mashburn to allow them the first opportunity to discuss their stand on issues and how they intend to address them. I believe everyone should be heard.


  7. In defense of Mike Judge, although he apparently does not need my defense, I would like to question the motive and purpose of this blog.

    Is this a news blog or an opinion blog. If it is news, injecting your opinion that the Mayor’s response was “immediate and proactive” is opinionated.

    News sources, unfortunately often give opinion where indeed information is the only requirement. Journalism is who, what, when, where. Not inuendo, opinion and collusion. Case in point? If you don’t know about the collusion, slant and sloppy journalism that went on with a number of supposed journalists; google it.

    But I digress. Unfortunately, most of the time, the Simi city council is neither immediate nor proactive. They’re politicians; what do I expect? I expect the folks we have elected to be responsive. Whose fault is it the city council is NOT responsive? Our own. We put them in power. It’s time to put them out of power. I think Mike Judge is a perfect replacement.

    Just my opinion…


  8. To both Mikes,

    The problem with a micro-managing city manager is well known here in Simi Valley. The bigger problem is the council members that enable him. Just look at who stuck it to the POA with a bigger permanent pay cut than the the SEIU took for a temporary pay cut. and then he put a gag order out to all saying they were precluded by law to discuss anything in the contract while negotiations were going on. This helped fuel rampant speculation at what was going on behind the scenes & inflamed tensions to the point of a protest at Becerra’s house.

    Then after the heat gets really going, we now have an election to deal with. So how does the CM help the electeds with taming this mess? Let’s reopen their contract right at the start of campaign season so they play nice and not use their PAC money to attack them. Well let’s see where we go from here. I just hope that the POA doesn’t have a short memory.


  9. By the way. Now the truth is out and all the party’s know they were not required to abide by the CMs gag order. They were duped! But he’s still their man.


  10. Sedell Soldier,

    I hadn’t heard about a gag order. I had heard they planned to hire a PR firm during contract negotiations, which led me to believe they were ready to talk more about it.

    Do you have more info on this?

    I had heard that contract negotiations were restarted by someone other than City management.

    Thanks for the comment BTW. I’m very interested in hearing more.


  11. MIke,
    He’s talking about when negotations are going on between the POA and SEIU employees it has always been a policy for the elected officials not to get involved with the negotations. It has been that way since I was first elected back in 1991. The reason behind this was so as not to confuse the process by sending mixed signals. The Council gave the negotating team direction and they were/are suppose to convey that message. Up until the time that the actual negotating started. Prior to that time period, POA and an elected could talk about what they would like to see in the contract.


  12. Yes Babs, the council and the POA COULD have talked priora to the Sedell gag order……but the info I have says all of you buried your heads in the sand and let Sedell run the show. You must have thought it was funny when the Police departments morale plummeted over time, when there was a vote of no confidence in an ineffective police chief that you and the rest of the council totally ignored. You then hired an outside attorney to negotiate despite Tracy Noonans fat pay raise. Wasn’t the new, young up and coming City Attorney competent to handle the job she was hired for, and receiving a 50k pay raise for? I’d love a police officer to step forward and tell us all more about what really happened.

    You and the current council have broken the great relationship with the Police Officers. All the other departments are in shambles, businesses flee when they can, and can’t open here due to Sedell micromanagement and poor leadership. Why didn’t we court businesses like IKEA, which will be in the armpit of the SFV? Out of touch. Mashburn, Huber and Judge, thank you for stepping up to the plate.


  13. How can Simi Valley City Council members proudly bag on Bell while one of their members wants to brag they have been in power since 1991. We definately need term limits.


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