New Endorsement for Bob Huber


The race for Mayor of Simi Valley has added yet another significant endorsement.

Joining hundreds of private citizens and office holders, Democrats and Republicans, philanthropist, community and political leader Hank Lacayo, has endorsed the effort to elect Bob Huber as Mayor of Simi Valley.

Hank Lacayo is a California Lutheran University Exemplar Medallion recipient.

Although retired from the labor movement, Lacayo continues his work as State President of the Congress of California Seniors. He also serves and advises on various boards and groups, including the Ventura County Community Foundation, the Ventura County United Way, Calif. State University-Channel Islands, Ventura County Community College District Oversight Committee, El Concilio Family Services,La Hermandad, and Ventura County Taxpayer’s Association.

Mr. Lacayo joins the Ventura County Firefighters, Congressman Elton Gallegly (a former Simi Valley Mayor), Senator Tony Strickland,  Assemblywoman Audra Strickland, former State Senator Cathie Wright (a former Simi Valley Mayor), former Mayor Greg Stratton, School Board Trustee Rob Collins, among the many endorsers of Bob Huber for Mayor.

Lacayo is a past two term elected chair of the Ventura County Democratic Central Committee and is currently  a Commissioner for the California Commission on Aging on which he serves as chair of the Policy/Advocacy Committee and a member of the Commission’s Executive Committee.

Mr. Lacayo in announcing his endorsement noted “Bob is co-founder of the Simi Valley Senior Center and has always had a passion for the interest of our seniors.  I have worked closely with Bob Huber over the past 8 years on college district matters and know his heart, ability and high integrity first hand.  He will make an excellent Mayor of Simi Valley.  In these trying times Simi Valley needs a Mayor capable of working with all segments of the community, to work in a reduced revenue climate while protecting the needs of citizens.  He has the support from all segments of the community and the ability to bring people together, a rare commodity in public life these days.”

Huber thanked Mr. Lacayo for his support, “Hank Lacayo is a highly respected community leader, a political leader, a union leader, someone who understands that a successful community must have all voices at the table.  With my proposals for a free ombudsman service, town halls, transparency of government actions, together with all those who wish to make Simi Valley a better place to live, we can assure the best possible local government  in California.  I am deeply honored by the endorsement of Hank Lacayo, with his support and that of hundreds of Simi Valley community leaders, families and business owners, my term as Mayor will represent the best of our town.”

5 thoughts on “New Endorsement for Bob Huber

  1. Another great announcement from Team Huber! Go Bob! Can someone from Team Huber tell me what Mr. Lacayo’s position is on e-Verify? I want to make sure we’re on the same page on this issue. We need to clean the streets of the illegals. Thank you.


  2. I am also a Bob Huber supporter. I do not know who Mr. Lacayo is but I think any news of a new supporter is good news so I am tickled pink and cheering loudly for Bob Huber!


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