Bob Huber Signs Are Up!

Bob Huber's Campaign Sign on Madera near LA.

Bob Huber’s signs are up, according to the following campaign announcement:

We are excited to let you know that this morning, as you drive through our beautiful city, you will finally see our multitude of campaign signs.  As you read in one of our previous communications, we waited until we were 90 days from the election to put up signs, out of respect for the citizens of our fine community as there had previously been so many signs during the June primaries.  If you didn’t get a sign in your yard and would like one, please reply to this email and one will be promptly delivered to your home.

I believe signs are an important tool in a local election. Bob Huber opted to wait a few weeks after Steve Sojka put his signs up throughout Simi Valley. He indicated that he was doing so out of respect for the community, explaining that citizens don’t want to see signs up for too long or too close to the completion of another election. We are now at the 3 month mark before election day.

I’ll cruise around this evening and take a few pictures. For me, the signs represent an important time for Simi Valley voters and I enjoy seeing them posted.

8 thoughts on “Bob Huber Signs Are Up!

  1. I still haven’t made up my mind who I’m voting for in this election. As I was driving to get coffee this morning, I saw some of Bob Huber’s signs and I must say they are very cheap looking, almost cartoonish. They also seem too large. Does anyone know if they in compliance with the City’s sign regulations?


  2. Out of respect for this community, I waited exactly the amount of time it took for my vendor to print my signs, and for the newspapers to print a couple of letters that I wrote that other people put their names to explaining how I was waiting to put up signs out of respect for the community. Even though I am a lawyer and should have known the law to a T, I did not. Duh. I got scooped, so I tried to spin it like Elton told me to. Now here I am, putting up signs pretty early and acting all excited about it. And my signs are more than 12 square feet in size and violate the City’s ordinance. DOH!


  3. I haven’t seen the big ones yet. I was busy with a ton of stuff to do and got on the freeway and off. When I go out for lunch and to tour some properties this afternoon, I can see how it all will look.

    Mike, I noticed that the Acorn article and many others were critical of Bob waiting to put his signs up. If you look at that discussion closely, how come none of the other candidates were questioned on why they didn’t put their signs up on the very first day allowed? That was big omission from everyone writing on the topic. Even so, Gallegly, Sojka and Huber are the only signs up. Why are Becerra, Foster, Judge and Mashburn’s waiting are they on the 60 day plan?

    Signs – how they look when they go up – so what. I think that the issues facing the city are more important. Voters are going to be Googling the Candidates and the Issues, more so than in any other election. If it were me I would be worried about what a Google search said about my campaign.


  4. To “No Name”: In keeping with our newfound fondness for cleaner commentary, I changed your name.

    Ted, can you send me a picture if you spot one? I won’t be back in town until after 5pm and I feel like I’m missing out.

    And I think you’re right. I think Google and “Facebook likes” will play a more important role in elections than signs, but signs will never go away. For those who will never take an active interest in researching the issues, signs are how they determine relevance. Not that it’s fair, but it’s true.


  5. I am all for Bob Huber, I don’t care how big or how small the signs are. I do see some that are put right in front of Steve Sojka’s signs on LA Avenue, almost right in front of them, and I don’t think that is respectful. Other than that I am happy to see signs up for him because it will make a difference on election day!!! I do not think there is much difference in waiting 3months before instead of 4 months before the big day, but to each his own. He has my vote irregardless.


  6. Amanda, I wonder what you think of one of the most successfull marketing campaigns in recent history. The black screen with just 2 words in white. ” GOT MILK?”.

    Nothing fancy or flashy but you get the message. I think Huber has touched on that note.


  7. I think Mr. Huber’s signs are great! Some of us have difficulty reading signs while driving down Los Angeles Avenue at 65 miles per hour!


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